Potluck Favorites from Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen

December is finally here! 

All throughout this month, I will be sharing with you great finds that you can bring to your upcoming Christmas parties and gifts for your loved ones too.

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I think the best way to jump start this festive month is to tell you about one of the best lunches that I've had this year. It was an invitation to dine at the lovely home of Ms. Bambi Javelosa with some of my favorite foodie friends namely Mr and Mrs. Our Awesome Planet, M of Eatsplorations and G of Dude for Food. I love dining with small groups as we get to catch up and have meaningful conversations while enjoying good food. That and simply because I am (seriously) an introvert too and big groups can really drain the life out of me.

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Our lunch began with Miso Marinated Salmon with Shiitake and Bokchoy which was so good! I love salmon and while this may look simple, it's totally bursting with so much flavor. It has a nice savory sweet flavor that goes well with anything..and I really mean..anything!

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If you love something more creamy, then go for the Baked Salmon (Php. 8,000) which will definitely make you go "wow!" Topped with cheese and breadcrumbs, I love the contrasting texture from the silky salmon fillet to that bit of crunch you get from the breadcrumbs.

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Now, we have the star of the show -- Porcini Wagyu Prime Rib Roast (Php. 12,000/5kg). I swear, I felt my heart skip a beat the moment Ms Bambi brought this to the table. What a huge slab of meat and what elicited "oohs" and "ahhs" from everyone was when Ms Bambi easily sliced through the  meat without breaking a sweat. I love how the porcini gave it a nice earthy flavor which made it so comforting to taste.

Served with steamed veggies, one order is good for 12-15 pax and I promise you that you will definitely be the center of the party with this dish.

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Another highlight was the Black Truffle Roast Turkey with Black Truffle Risotto Stuffing (Php. 7500). I remembered all my Christmas tastings in Singapore where turkey was always the main highlight and for a while back, it took a bit of adjustment for me as I've always associated turkey with Thanksgiving. Now that I'm back home, I miss having Turkey so just imagine how happy I was when we had this for lunch that day.

Mind you, this turkey will blow your mind. Starting from the tender turkey meat which will change your mind about turkey being dry and touch to the delicious truffle-infused risotto stuffing which is so good. This is definitely a complete dish with your protein and carbs all in one!

bambi gourmet kitchen 7
Next was the Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs (Php. 3,500) which is perfect for all beef lovers out there. One indication that you got the perfect meat dish is when it falls off the bone and this one literally slides off the bone without any effort. Normally, short ribs are cooked with soy sauce or dark sauces while this one is served with a rich tomato-based sauce similar to a Spanish callos. Very delicious and goes so well with rice...lots of it.

bambi gourmet kitchen 9
One thing that I also enjoyed was the Lengua en Salsa Porcini (Php. 4,500). I know that not a lot of people like eating ox tongue partly because the thought of it freaks them out or some just do not like the texture or gamey flavor that some bad quality ones would give. Bambi's version was done so well that it will make you feel like enjoying a delicious plate of roast beef. I've always been a fan of lengua and this one ranks pretty high in my books. I highly recommend this.

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Lastly, what's a party without seafood? Living in an island surrounded by lots of bodies of water, we grew up having seafood especially during special celebrations. That said, you have to try Ms Bambi's Prawns with Salsa Verde which is just amazingly good. I love how fresh-tasting the salsa verde was as it's obviously homemade and it has just the right amount of flavor making sure that the prawns still take centerstage. The prawns were done very well and how I know this is how the shell easily slides off.

What a filling lunch and a very memorable one too! Christmas is indeed the time to be merry as we get together with our friends and family over a good meal. It's also a very busy season so take the stress of cooking and preparing for your parties when you can let Bambi and her able team handle it for you. While all dishes were really good, my top 3 favorites were the Porcini Wagyu Prime Rib Roast, the Prawns with Salsa Verde and the Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs. One thing that I love about all the dishes that we sampled was the quality. You are assured that the best ingredients go into each dish and the serving is so generous that most of it are good for 10-12 pax.

To order, message Ms Bambi at 0917-672-7230 or 0999-881-4272. You may also drop her an email at bambi_linkedge@gmail.com. Lastly, you may add her up on Facebook here.

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