Honestbee x Rustan's Marketplace #justhonestbee

This year's Christmas was a bit different for my family. Our dear Kongkong was confined in the hospital so we had to call off our annual Christmas Eve dinner outside and opted to just spend it quietly at the hospital. The holiday season is all about family and loved ones coming together, after all, so no matter where you may be, you can still feel the warmth of the holiday with the presence of family and friends around you.

Luckily, Kongkong has been discharged so the fun continues! We still have the New Year to celebrate and we're planning to do it at home to give Kongkong more space to rest and the kids to walk/run/crawl around. Oh how I dream to just turn into beautiful Giada de Laurentiis or talented Ina Garten and be able to not only cook up a storm for my family but turn these dishes into beautiful masterpieces too.

honestbee rustans 5
Perhaps if I get a little help from my favorite bee. If my kids love the big red happy Bee, their momma adores this small, helpful yellow Bee called Honestbee! Recently, aside from adding an impressive amount of merchants for this holiday season, Honestbee has also partnered with Rustan's Marketplace (and a lot more other grocery chains in the metro). That said, we can now finally put together a nice Charcuterie Board or a delicious Cheese Platter with just a few taps here and there. In addition to that, I can finally stock up on our grocery needs without having to step out of the house.

honestbee rustans 3
For instance, when we run out of Surebuy Bathroom Tissue (I promise you this is one of the best that we've used!) or when we're low on fruits and veggies for my twins, then I know that I can easily order from Honestbee and it will get delivered straight to my doorstep. The best thing is, the price is fairly similar to that in the store so you don't have to worry that you're paying so much more in exchange for the convenience.

honestbee rustans 6
Speaking of holiday feasting, we recently underwent a quick Food Styling 101 class by Chino Cruz where he taught us how to style a nice appetizer platter and a Mango Pavlova. The lecture turned into a mini challenge which got all of us up on your feet, trying to outdo the other group with our creativity and basic food styling skills.

Here are some of my team's finished products. Sadly, we were not the winning team but I am still mighty proud of our masterpieces. Tell me what you think!
honestbee rustans 2

honestbee rustans 1

Anyway, head on to Honestbee now and start shopping at Rustan's Marketplace before the New Year rush comes full on.

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