Ho Ho Holidays at Honestbee Philippines with PDI's Best Desserts 2018

I was busy on my laptop while my Dad was watching the news last night and while I was pretty much passively listening to what was being talked about on TV, one thing that made me stop what I was doing was when the announcer said that we got "15 days to go before Christmas Day."


That was my immediate reaction. I'm not ready for Christmas yet and judging on the non-progress made on our gift list, it looks like I will be getting into a shopping frenzy in the coming weeks...that is if I don't do anything about it NOW! It doesn't help too that Yaya M1 will soon be going on her month long Christmas vacation back in her province which means I will be extra busy helping Yaya M2 watch over my twins who are starting to enjoy half-walking/half-running around the room.

I can't believe I'm saying this but as a busy Mom, I am so grateful for technology and online shopping. I've lost count of the number of times when technology and the ease of ordering online has saved me. From that impromptu pa-burger for our household staff to secretly buying Paul's birthday gift without him knowing (or seeing the bill haha), I've relied on the beauty of technology in helping me get the job done.

honestbee christmas 6
Of course, there's my favorite bee.. Honestbee! This has been my go-to app when I need to buy some groceries but I can't get out of the house or when, just like that pa-burger session, I need to quickly buy food for the house. This Christmas, they has definitely up the ante by making Christmas shopping much more convenient for all of us. I'm not talking only about buying gifts or pastries but also for your Noche Buena spread too. They even partnered with Philippine Daily Inquirer's Best Desserts for 2018 to ensure that you now have access to the best dessert suppliers out there.

honestbee christmas 2
Recently, they invited us for an exciting preview where we got to sample some of the yummiest Christmas items that will be available from their long list of merchants. Mind you, these merchants were specially chosen by Honestbee thus you are assured of getting nothing but the best.

honestbee christmas 5
My personal favorites include my childhood favorite Jud's Fruitcake (hello Jamie and Auntie J!), Carabella Ice Cream, Marie's Pistachio Cake, General's Lechon, Old Swiss Inn and Wu's Kitchen's Asado Platter. I was also so happy to see that Yankee Candle is finally here in the Philippines and they're available at Honestbee too.

Enjoy the video above and may this bring more Christmas cheer to all of you! Once again, in true vlogger fashion... thumbs up if you like my video and please do not forget to subscribe! ♥

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