Philippine Holidays for 2010!!!


Sharing with everyone the recent list given by Malacañang Palace on the Non-Working Holidays of 2010!!!

January 1 (Friday) : New Year (this is actually part of the long holiday declared by Malacañang earlier)

April 1 : Maundy Thursday

April 2 : Good Friday

April 9 : Araw ng Kagitingan (3 day weekend!!)

May 1 : Labor Day (this falls on a Saturday I'm not sure if they will declare April 30 as a holiday too)

June 14 : Independence Day (3 day weekend!!)

August 23 : Ninoy Aquino Day (3 day weekend!!)

August 30 : National Heroes Day (3 day weekend!!)

November 1 : All Saint's Day (3 day weekend!!)

November 29 : Bonifacio Day (3 day weekend!!)

December 24 : Christmas Eve (start of 4 day weekend!!)

December 25 : Christmas Day

December 27 : Rizal Day

December 31 : Last Day of the Year! (and my first Christmas and New Year as a married woman :P)

Now it's time to start planning those trips!!! :)

Source: Arroyo declares holidays in 2010


  1. ach!! GAME :) from July 12 onwards game talaga ako :)

  2. nice!! ill save this for future trips! haha congrats in advance =)

  3. thanks for sharing the list, got it from the icaaa yahoo goups and chanced upon your blog site...pretty cool! hope u can visit mine new, quite new at this but enjoying it. Consider you site 'blog-rolled' ;)

  4. wow, you're getting married na? Congratulations! :D


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