Afternoon Bite

My friend Miren is truly talented. I met her a couple years back when we were both selling in this certain female forum. I was selling cheesecakes while she was the reigning brownie queen. From time to time, we would buy from each other, talk about modern-day barter. Since then, our friendship grew and though we rarely get to see each other, she'll always be one of those sweet friends I'm so glad to have.

One Friday morning, a dainty-looking red box greeted me as I was about to leave for work. On top of the box is a short note from my friend Miren. What a sweet surprise! I grab a couple for work to share with my colleagues. This generated a lot of raves and inquiries to which I happily supplied them with more info about Miren's Dessert Express.

Back home, we continued to enjoy the Gooey Revel Bar (Php. 180/box of 8) which is definitely a lip-smacking concoction of an oatmeal cookie base with lots of melted chocolate which is so good, my sister would end up licking her fork clean.

For my mom, who prefers a more creamy, sophisticated bite, she enjoyed the Chocolate Creamcheese Squares (Php. 195/box of 8) which has a mixture of cream cheese with Miren's famous chocolate brownie.

Aside from these two treats, do try her Coffee Frosted Brownie which is a yummy combination of chocolate-y brownie topped with sweet coffee frosting. This is my numero uno choice as I love anything with coffee. Miren's fans also rave about her cupcakes which is hit in birthday parties and weddings.

Check out her online store at: Dessert Express by Miren. You may also call her at 524-0778 / 0922-8000974 / 0926-6215226.

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