A Taste of Thailand

It has been a year since my last visit to Thailand. How I miss the delicious Pad Thai, shopping at Central World Plaza and of course, getting the best deals at the Chatuchak Market.

Yesterday, feeling a bit hungry and with a few more hours to go before dinner time, I drove to Madison Square Pioneer which is just half a block away from my office. It's funny that I'm starting to hear raves here and there about certain establishments in this complex from people who actually lives or works farther than I do from this place.

My first visit led me to a nice looking Thai restaurant called Lime Leaf.

I scanned their menu and ordered a plate of Shrimp Pad Thai (Php. 150) and a glass of Thai Iced Tea.

Service was fast and I got to hand it to my server for taking the extra step in ensuring that my dining experience remains insect-free by placing a candle on my table.

As my pad thai was served in front of me, I immediately smelled the yummy aroma of shrimp, shrimp paste and chili. I carefully mixed in the chopped nuts into the noodles and I was ready to dig in!

There's nothing too fancy about this pad thai but it has successfully made me miss my Bangkok trip. I love the nutty texture and the extra spicy kick that I get in every bite. This pairs perfectly with my cold glass of Thai Iced Tea which was also pretty good. Believe me, this is just one of two places where I was able to find good Thai Iced Tea. The other one is at the Salcedo Market.

I was the only one there and I'm not really sure how Limeleaf fares during their peak hours but I am surprised that I actually liked what I ordered and will definitely be back for more.

An interesting note while chatting with my server is that Limeleaf actually highlights both Thai and Filipino cuisine. Maybe I'll be more adventurous next time and try their curry dishes or perhaps the Thai pinakbet.

Limeleaf is located at Madison Square Pioneer (beside the RFM building), Pioneer street, Mandaluyong City.

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