Taking a break from Caffeine

Due to some medical findings, I have decided to take a break from caffeine to save me from more visits to the doctor. A day after making this decision, I realized that this little break is easier said than done. For three years, I've deeply immersed myself in all types of coffee drinks...from the regular brewed type, to the sassy espresso blend and of course to the comforting iced blended beverages.

When you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Ok, so I will still firmly stick to my no-caffeine resolution but this won't stop me from taking a couple of hours off to unwind in my favorite coffee shops.

A couple of Saturdays ago, my sister and I made a stopover at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to relax and rest after shopping. Upon reaching the counter, I was told that they already have a new Swirl Card and that I have to surrender my old one. I turned it over to the barista and waited for her to tell me how many credits were available for me to use.

Lo and behold, I was told that I have more than Php. 200 worth of credits and so Pan and I got ourselves a large Malibu Dream Tea Iced Blended drink to share and a slice of Banana Bread to take home to Papa.

After punching in our orders, she handed me a beautiful card that has my new Swirl Rewards card inside. Similar to the old Swirl card, you can still earn points for every purchase. Specifically, every P100 purchase is equivalent to 5 points. Also, ONE point is equivalent to ONE peso. So with only ten points, I can already upsize my drink! Cool huh?

That's not all, what I love about the new Swirl Card is that it allows card holders to have free Internet access in all CBTL branches anytime!

Now, I can check my mail, exchange messages with friends and even update my blog while enjoying a drink at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!

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