A Taste of Taiwan in San Juan

I've mentioned time and time again that I feel that San Juan is slowly becoming the next Chinatown. To prove this point, I even went as far as writing an article highlighting a couple of the Chinese eateries and food stops in this city.

Right after the article was published, Paul and I chanced upon a not-so-new restaurant along Wilson street. I pass through this road every single day and my curiosity increases every time I see a number of cars parked right outside this eatery.

Feng Wei Wee, is a casual dining restaurant that serves Taiwanese dishes, lutong bahay style.

The interiors of the restaurant has very minimal designs, you'll see a cafeteria-like set-up where you can choose the ones that you'd like to order or you can just head directly to the table and wait for the server to bring over a menu.

Note that while there are a lot of Chinese restaurants in the metro, majority of which serves either Cantonese (dimsum, roast meat, etc) or Fookien (think Mann Hann) style dishes. Rarely do we get one that originates from Taiwan.

This was the reason why we decided to have dinner at Feng Wei Wee one quiet Sunday evening. Paul and I took turns in choosing which ones to order by pointing these out to the girl behind the counter.

Taiwan delights

Our first choice was the Adobo Tofu (Php. 60). Normally, this is considered an appetizer but for some, this can also be part of the main course. This dish comprises of a block of fried tofu with a generous serving of special soy sauce, a sprinkle of spring onions and some veggie-meat on top.

While enjoying our tofu, our Kiam Pung (Php. 50) has finally arrive. Now, this is one dish that always brings back some childhood memories for me. Kiam Pung, when directly translated, means salty rice. Don't worry though because this Chinese version of the popular Kamameshi rice is very flavorful and not overly salty at all. It's a mixture of glutinous and regular rice cooked with soy sauce, meat, and nuts. I love Kiam Pung so much that I feel so lucky because my mom and kongkong (grandfather) can cook it so well.

When Paul and I went to Guangzhou, China early this year, we made it a point to try their version of the dumplings because we were told that the Cantonese makes the best dumplings. Although Feng Wei Wee is a Taiwanese restaurant, we just couldn't resist ordering a plate of steamed dumplings (Php. 90) to try. The verdict? We liked it! I think what made it special was the secret sauce that has a hint of garlic, sugar, peanut oil and all things yummy! I liked it so much that I even inquired if they can sell me a bottle but sadly, I got an apologetic no.

Looks like I will have to head to Feng Wei Wee everytime we're in the mood for some quick Taiwanese dishes. For the yummy sauce, the flavorful Kiam Pung and the other interesting dishes that I plan to try, maybe it's time to schedule my return soon.

Feng Wei Wee is located along Wilson street beside Pan de Americano and Lapid's Chicharon.

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