Challenge yourself to the BIG BITE MATCH!

How fast can you finish a hotdog sandwich?

How about if we multiply that to five and throw in a drink of your choice?

Before you shake your head in disbelief and move a step back, take a minute and think again. Maybe...just maybe you can do it!

Take Tom "Goose" Gilbert for instance, a 6-foot-something internationally renowned competitive eater who has been to most than a dozen eating contests and has emerged as the winner in most of it. At present, he is the record holder in the chicken wings eating category.

Test your gobbling strength by heading to the nearest 7-11 Convenient Store and order a Big Bite Meal that consists of 5 hotdog sandwiches and a Big Gulp drink. Finish your meal in the shortest time possible and get a chance to win a whopping Php. 500,000 in cold hard cash (and bragging rights too!)!

Hurry! The 7-11 Big Bite Match is only from June 26 to August 15!

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