Thursday Club series: Ice Age 3 (Dawn of the Dinosaurs)

Our favorite Ice Age friends are back in the wide screen and this time, they're in 3D!

Unfortunately, Didi and Chris couldn't make it this week but this didn't stop me, Paul and Jane from meeting up in Trinoma as they launch the newest Digital 3D Cinema.

As we entered the cinema, we were given a pair of plastic glasses which we all have to wear to see the special effects on screen. At first, I found wearing the glasses a bit uncomfortable because of my bad eyesight and the fact that the glasses was too big for my face that it kept on sliding down every so often.

Trinoma's Digital 3D Cinema technology aims to create a whole new experience of movie viewing by providing bright, vivid visuals combined with crisp, clear surround sound that brings your senses to a different level whether you're seated upfront or at the very back of the theater.

And they're back!!

The movie was short but it was a good one. Watch as Manny and Ellie await the birth of their cute baby mammoth, laugh as Sid creates his own "family" by nabbing three huge dinosaur eggs which was later discovered by the real Dino mom, and join Diego as he tried to leave the group to search for his own pack -- will this be goodbye for Diego? Hold on, then who's Buck? A new friend, who's a one-eyed weasel who fears no one...

I won't divulge any more details about this light, animated film to give you more reasons to head over to Trinoma with your family and enjoy ICE AGE 3 in 3D!


  1. My wife, two daughters 11 and 13, and I saw Ice Age 3-D at Trinoma also. Both of the girls really liked the movie and the 3d experience which was a 1st for them. The theater is very comfortable.

  2. Hi.It's odd that I didn't find the movie to be short (in spite of technical proof) maybe because I enjoyed every minute of watching it. I love it more than I did the sequel to Transformers.

  3. Hi, can u tell me when will Ice Age 3:Dawn of the Dinosaurs will be show at Hong Kong? Thanks Pls reply at


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