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It has been a very hectic week. At times, I feel like a Wind Up toy that just goes on and on and on. My sister said something to me early this week, she suggested that we take a spontaneous two day trip to a local destination which won't require much planning, extensive budget saving and we don't even have to go on leave.

Sounds like a good idea right?

I haven't been traveling as much as I used to. It's simply because I have took over a couple of major family responsibilities and of course, our BIG day is just around the corner.

Nonetheless, it never hurts to dream. Sharing with you my list of domestic travel destinations for the rest of 2009 (and yes, if these won't push through, I'm ok with pushing it further to 2010):

*in no particular order*

First time hits
1) Bacolod - ohh I just want to try the real Inasal! also, who can ever say no to the sugar land of the Philippines?
2) Ilo-ilo
3) Davao - this has been part of my list for years! I wonder when will I finally go to the land of durians and mangosteens.
4) Bohol - another dream beach destination
5) Sagada - I am willing to conquer my fear of heights for this trip
6) Palawan

I shall return
1) Cebu - and all of its little islands
2) Boracay!!!

Wish us luck!! :)


  1. hehehe. nice meeting you rin po. GO for Davao! Woot! I'm the one who gets more excited everytime i find people wanting to go to Davao. :D

  2. hi fran! ako rin gusto ng davao and bacolod! you should try iloilo! food galore talaga! tapos yung bohol naman, serenity and peaceful place! :)

  3. grabe if only we can keep on traveling noh? :)

  4. Let's go on a 2-weekend trip to iloilo and bacolod :) -pan

  5. you might want to check this out for Davao :)

  6. Hi! You have a very interesting blog. You see, I also love travelling. :) And I promised myself that before I get to travel overseas, I must go around the Philippines first. :)

    Davao is a really interesting place. It has the lifestyle of the metro, but when during the wee hours, everything feels provincial. Plus, no traffic! Iloilo is my Dad's hometown so we always go there. You must visit Miag-Ao Church, one of UNESCO's Heritage SIte and GUimaras Island, where the biggest and yummiest mangoes are around. And the beaches in Guimaras is just like Bora's, only lesser people around so you wont bump into them when you wanna relax or something. Palawan, Sagada, Vigan, Bohol, Cebu, CamSur and Bacolod are still the ones I have to visit. And, so I dream. hehehe. Pls drop a story whenever you have a new destination. :)

  7. thanks for dropping by Ria Hazel! :)

    We will definitely take note of the two places that you have mentioned for Iloilo :)

    Hope to see you here again, I'll definitely share my travel experience soon! :)


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