All girls dinner out at Arya Persian Restaurant

We all just got back from our respective trips abroad ... one came back from her exciting F1 trip in Singapore, another gave birth to her second baby after staying in Canada for 8 long months and I'm still experiencing a major hangover from my Uniquely Singapore Trip.

Thus, despite the fact that Metro Manila was declared to be under typhoon signal #3 this didn't stop us from meeting up for a relaxing night with good food and a wonderful company.

It was a unanimous decision to meet at Arya Persian Restaurant that evening with both friends declaring how much they love Arya and I just couldn't agree more.

I love Arya's lamb dishes and the moment the menu was handed to me, I knew right away which page to flip to. It was a toss between the Bareh Koobideh and the Bareh Shish. I would also have wanted to try the spicy Lamb Biryani but since I was coughing that night, I opted to just skip the spicy dishes so as not to worsen my poor sore throat.

Finally, I made my choice and it was the Bareh Koobideh (Php. 375) for that evening.

This dish comes with two long sausage-type of ground lamb seasoned with spices and onion and accompanied by a generous serving of flavorful basmati rice (or it can also be served with jasmine rice or persian bread as well).

Didi and I both love the special tomato salsa that they can easily whip up for you using the two huge grilled tomatoes that comes with each dish. Without wasting any minute, I requested our friendly server to prepare this for me the moment my plate was laid on the table.

I'm a huge fan of lamb dishes provided that it was cooked properly and does not in any way omit any weird smell. So far, Arya has one of the best lamb dishes in the metro.

In addition to our individual plates, we ordered a basket of pita and some Hummus (Php. 135) to share. Sab who's not really a fan of chickpeas was still adventurous to give it a try! Hooray!

I love Persian dips especially Hummus and Motabal which goes perfectly well with warm pita bread. It's was a perfect way to start our meal while we were busy catching up on each other's lives.

With Arya's laid-back ambiance, it perfectly suits spending quality time with your wonderful girl friends. I will always look forward to the stories, the laughter and the experiences that each of us shares about our respective married and soon-to-be-married lives :)

Arya Persian Restaurant has branches at Unit L-9 Promenade Mall, Greenhills, San Juan / GF Podium Mall, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center / 2nd level Robinson's Manila (Midtown Wing), Ermita, Manila.


  1. ohhh looks like arya's the next chilis! favorite ng mga ICANs!! :D

  2. We love, love Persian food! :-) And Arya is one of the few Persian places that serves the food right. A must try is the Persian bread. It's soft, succulent and oh so delicious!

  3. i agree Fran, our barkada also likes it there, aside from Arya, i think Cyma in Shang hits the spot as well ;) hope you'll have a Yummy mag event soon, so i can finally meet you :)

  4. @gingerbee: persian food is love :) hope they can forever maintain their good service and food

    @mom-friday: ohhh are you from ica too? small world!! i love both arya and cyma! :D ok now i want some roka salata :P

    btw, i'm having another cooking demo for yummy next week at robinsons supermarket in midtown (rob manila) and on the 28th in galleria :) hope to see you there!!

    @aline: amen to that! :D

  5. this is my favorite Persian restaurant along with Hossein Persian Kebab!

    Bad ka!!! craving ako! :(

  6. roch!! i haven't tried hossein persian..teka san ba ito? :P

  7. I have only tried Arya once, and just for a short snack, warm pita bread with their spicy curry dipping sauce? Loved it!

    I have to go back there and try the other dishes.

  8. yes yes you have to try their lamb dishes! :D


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