Let the Ultimate Taste Test begin! (Frannywanny's Holiday Gift Idea)

Sunday is usually the day when Paul and I would laze around the house and would only go out to hear mass or to make a quick run to the bank. Needless to say, we look forward to Lazy Sundays where we try to recharge and prepare our body and mind for another crazy week back at the office.

However, after receiving an invite from fellow blogger and Cabalen (for Paul), Spanky Enriquez, to try more than 30 up and coming food suppliers from lechon to fruit juices to the heart-stopping chocolate bacon and more, we didn't hesitate and later found ourselves at Fort Bonifacio on a warm Sunday morning together with more than a hundred food lovers for the Ultimate Taste Test!!!

This event is the brainchild of one of my favorite couples, Anton and Rache Diaz who made this a fund-raising event wherein the P150 entrance goes to supporting the causes of St. Michael Church in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Not bad huh? You get to make both your tummy and heart happy by trying out the great tasting food and helping the community too!

We arrived early and were lucky to grab a cocktail table that is perfectly situated near the food stalls. After the introduction made by Spanky and Ivan Mandy of Old Manila Walks, Paul and I together with fellow blogger friends Bong, Jason, Didi and Edmund began our way in as we visited one food stall after the other.

My Awesome Picks

Everyone truly has a delicious dish that they can be proud of. It was really a gastronomic Sunday for the 6 of us as we ooh-ed and ahh-ed in every bite. Of course, each one of us have our own favorites. I remember how much Didi loved the Caramel Crunch Cake while Bong enjoyed the Bagoong that he bought himself a bottle to take home. Paul, on the other hand, enjoyed gulping down cups after cups of Jelly Drink to quench his thirst as the sun was up and the temperature was pretty high.

Let me share with you a couple of my Awesome Picks during the Ultimate Taste Taste:

Happy Bacon!!! I never thought I'd enjoy this so much as I was never a huge fan of bacon. The trick here is to enjoy the whole thing in one go instead of taking one small bite after the other. This is Erica Paredes' creation and I got to say, this girl got talent! She has been telling us about this during our recent trip to Singapore and I was so excited to finally try it when I found out that she'll be part of the Taste Test. It was so good that I immediately placed a order the moment she officially launched her business to the public. Take your pick from the Piggy Stardust (Php. 150/50g, Php. 250/100g, Php. 380/150g) which are chocolate covered bacon bits or the Pig Pops (Php. 30/ 1pc, Php. 100/ 4pcs), chocolate lollipops with bacon bits to satisfy your chocoholic soul.

Another great find was Chef Toby's Dips and Dressings! In line with living and eating healthy, I promise to eat more veggies from now on. Of course, a bowl of salad is not complete without a delicious dressing to go with it. I was so happy to discover Chef Toby's line of vinaigrette dressing and snack dips. My top picks were the Hummus, Green Goddess and the Roasted Beet Vinaigrette.

Nothing can make your meal happier than munching on some Happy Cream Puff! I love the fact that it comes in tiny, bite-size pieces that allows you to try various flavors in one sitting. From their classic, plain cream puff to one topped with white chocolate frosting or another one with crushed almonds, they have a wide variety to choose from depending on your taste!

I got to agree with Paul, on a warm day, it's best to enjoy a cup of fruity OKKY Jelly Drink. My favorite were the Lychee flavor juice as well as their flavored Iced Teas! We loved it so much that we bought ourselves a couple of cups before heading home.

As you can see, most of my top picks are things that you can either personally enjoy this upcoming Holiday season or you can also give as gifts to your friends and loved ones. These are sweet and delicious finds that are sure to put a smile on anyone's lips.

Note: As of the moment, I'm still compiling the contact details of the suppliers mentioned above, allow me to update this in the coming days as soon as I have the correct and complete info. Thanks!

Photos by: Paul Ang

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