A new Pasta player in TOWN!

It's no secret how much I LOVEEEE eating Pasta! Browsing through my past entries such as this, this and this, it can be seen how much I love a wide variety of pasta dishes from fusilli pesto to your good old salmon creamy pasta.

I guess I got to credit this to my Oriental lineage and background who has instilled the love for noodles at an early age. With that, how can I turn down an invite that simply says "get to know who's the new pasta player in town, try 12 different pasta dishes in one night!"

While it initially sounds intimidating, I immediately sent in my RSVP to confirm my attendance.

I wasn't really sure what to expect but one thing was for sure, I arrived with an empty stomach to prepare myself for the numerous pasta dishes that we were told that will be served. It's a good thing though that they trimmed the number down to 7 instead of 12.

Throughout dinner, our very engaging host made us guess who this new pasta player was. I just gave it a long thought and wrote down my guess. Paul also guessed the same thing and wrote his answer down as well.

Can you guess who this new pasta player is?

The first pasta was the simple yet flavorful Aglio Olio (Php. 99). This is actually my favorite pasta to prepare as it's very easy to cook and it requires just 4 ingredients: olive oil, pasta noodles, garlic and parsley. I love my Aglio Olio with tons of garlic and a bit of chili flakes too!

The second pasta was the Fettuccine ala King (Php. 119). This creamy pasta has chicken chunks and the very festive colored bell peppers! It actually makes a good addition to your Christmas table. :) I took a small bite here as I was trying to stay away from creamy pasta which can easily fill you up.

Paul is a huge tomato-based pasta fan and so he was delighted to see the third pasta which is the ultimate Italian-inspired Pasta Puttanesca (Php. 125). Just like the Aglio Olio, this is a very straight-forward pasta dish with black olives, capers, anchovies, parsley bits, rich tomato sauce.

Next comes my favorite, the Pesto Chicken Penne (Php. 149). I love anything with olive oil and basil, mix them together and out comes my favorite pasta sauce called pesto! This pasta dish has a very subtle and creamy pesto flavor that makes it so delicious! I think I was the one who cleaned off our plate.

Two more pasta dishes were served but the highlight of the night was the grand finale and in my opinion, something really worth trying. The Seafood Supremo Pasta (Php. 239) that comes in a filo paper. Open the pouch carefully and enjoy the sweet aroma while biting on the al dente pasta combined with the generous serving of shrimp, scallop and squid!

Who's the newest pasta player in town?

Do you have your guess already?

After impressing us with their various innovations such as the Lasagna Pizza and the Cheezy Pops that every kid raves about, Pizza Hut is back with their newest line of pasta dishes that will now be permanently part of their menu.

Called the Pasta Perfetto, there will be 12 pasta dishes that will give you a bit of Italy in very bite. I was lucky enough to try 7 of them and I can't wait to drop by my favorite Pizza Hut store in Greenhills to try more!

Pizza Hut has more a total 154 branches (and still counting) nationwide. Click here to see the complete list.

*photo credit: Pizza Hut,

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