Frannywanny's Holiday Gift Idea : Nuts about Allies' Nuts

I used to be an early Christmas shopper. For years, Paul and I have successfully completed our Christmas shopping as early as September. You can just imagine the shock on my face when I realized that we are only 44 days away from Christmas and I haven't prepared anything yet. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So last night, I brought out my Christmas gift notebook and began listing down the names of the people dear to us. The ones whom I want to thank for making this year a lovely one.

Today marks the start of my search for the best Christmas gift for the ones on our list. It will be a crazy race against time but for some reason I am pretty excited about it. Looks like I've just been bitten by the Christmas bug, a bit late this year but still, it's there.

Let me share with you a couple of possible gift ideas that I have listed down hoping that this can also help you as you complete your own Christmas lists.

Nuts about Nuts!

Paul and I are huge nut fans and we would even bring a pack of nuts into the cinema instead of a big bucket of popcorn. We particularly liked Allies' Nuts that we have to get up north. Well, luckily for everyone, my ever hardworking fiance, Paul has decided to be Allies' official distributor here in Metro Manila and this means unlimited peanut supply for everyone!! Yahoo!!!

Why do I love Allies Nuts

It's not oily or greasy.

It has less calories.

It has huge Garlic Chips that for some reason doesn't give me a nasty bad breath after wards.

It's simply addicting.

There are two sizes to choose from: 450g and 800g (half a gallon!)

Sharing the Love

Let Paul help you complete your Christmas list by contacting him at 09175388125.

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