Messages that warms the heart

Dear readers,

Just like my favorite cup of tall, non-fat, no foam, toffee nut latte, I really had a wonderful time reading every single comment that you all have patiently and creatively left on my message box.

For the entire month of November, I look forward to opening my inbox to be greeted with warm and delightful messages that has surely made my days.

My planner contest is coming to an end and since you all have been so kind to us, Paul and I would like to spread more Christmas cheer to not only ONE but THREE lucky readers who will win special Starbucks prizes from us!

As mentioned earlier, One (1) lucky reader will be able to get a Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2010 Planner.

The 2nd reader will receive a P400 Starbucks gift certificate (as we would love to help you complete your card too!). While the 3rd lucky reader will receive a cute Starbucks demitasse cup for you to use as you enjoy your espresso drink.

We will close the contest in exactly 3 hours and we will be spending the next two days reading every single comment that you all have submitted.

Thanks so much dear readers and may you all have a wonderful Holiday this year! Ho ho ho!

*note: this contest is not sponsored by Starbucks Coffee Philippines.


  1. wow Fran! You truly are an angel! :) (and paul too)... Thank you so much :) Now more of us will be having caffeine-exhilarated smiles this Xmas :)

    Hope you'll get the very best blessings you deserve this holiday season. :)

    - Ellen

  2. Hi Fran!

    I'm back in Manila na. =)
    Eto pala yung sinasabi mong tinatry mong i-work out.
    Wee! Saya naman! Thank you, thank you!
    Blessings will return to you a-hundredfold!

    Ang lamig na ng simoy ng hangin!


  3. oh my, i just got home, and saw that this ended an hour ago.. oh well i just hope i could win any of it.. *fingers crossed..and anyway, thanks so much for adding more prizes, it increased everyones chance of winning.. xD =))


  4. wow fran!!! exciting :-) while i still want the planner, all prizes sound great! thanks again for indulging our obsession!

  5. Weeh..Im excited! Sana name ko sa prize #1! Haha. Can't wait! Thanks to Fran and Paul!

  6. Hi Fran!

    I enjoyed your online contest:) I wasn't able to comment everyday but I'm happy I was able to share my thoughts:) Take care:)




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