Not really a Starbucks fan, am I?

Paul asked me if I can be his model for an assignment for his class...
Of course, I said YES.

Inspired by the 191 (and still counting) comments left on my on-going Starbucks planner promotion I am with a couple of my Starbucks collection that consists of the city mugs and the super cute Bearista bears!

Of course, I just had to be in my Starbucks outfit too!

Not really a Starbucks fan, am I?

Looking forward to reading more comments in the coming 15 days!! :)


  1. Haha. Cute! Inggit ako sa Barista bears. Ako, baka malunod na sa kape. That's why I join your contest.

  2. woot! I love the collection!!! Mine is missing them bears!!!

  3. hahaha! ayos ah, kala ko nag barista ka! I want to be barista :)

  4. How cute, with Starbucks outfit pa haha!

  5. thanks girls! :)

    @aline: i used to work for starbucks kasi but not as a barista but was also lucky enough to have the apron and cap! :D

    @ria: i love love love the bears! i go gaga over them :P

  6. this is too cool for words!!

    i'm dying of envy as i type haha!

  7. thanks haze and kimo!

    it was really an unplanned collection. it just so happen that i was given a number of city mugs and starbucks items during my stint in Starbucks coffee Phils and from there I got into the habit of buying a city mug whenever I travel to another country :)


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