The Classic Savory Chicken

I Love to Eat Chicken.

On several occasions, these are the three choices that I would give Paul whenever we're deciding on where to eat:




Obviously, which ever he chooses, one thing's for sure. we're having Chicken!

Last Saturday, Paul and I had to grab a quick lunch before the start of his photo shoot. With only thirty minutes to spare, we decided to just choose from the restaurants nearby and not wanting to just end up with a fast food lunch, we decided to go to Savory Chicken which was perfectly located in front of the event site.

Paul frequents Savory Chicken more than I do and so he took care of ordering for us this time.

Browsing through the menu, Paul finally made his choices and ordered the following for our quick but delicious meal:

Savory Combo A (Php. 295). This meal is good for two as it comes with two cups of rice, Lumpia Shanghai, 1/2 Fried Chicken and Pansit Canton. We both love Savory's gravy which is why we immediately requested for an additional saucer the moment our chicken was served to us.

Savory is really known for their Fried Chicken which has a very delicious flavor that comes from their secret marinade and ingredient. This recipe dates back in 1950 when they first opened their small store in Manila. I remember enjoying this since I was a little kid as my Grandfather (whom I fondly call Kongkong) would order two boxes for our family to enjoy. Back then, the chicken comes with fried banana and some dinner rolls. The sauce was also more spicy then.

I was happy with our combo dish and I wasn't really expecting for Paul to order another dish. However, he really outdid himself and ordered a plate of Beef Tenderloin (Php. 225) which I love so much! It was my first time to try this dish and I was surprised at how tender it was. I just loved every bite and I think I ate more strips than Paul did. Teehee..

As we wiped our plates clean, I thank him for the delicious lunch and warned him that I might just crave for the Beef Tenderloin in the coming days. It's a good thing that we have two Savory Chicken outlets within our neighborhood so my Beef Tenderloin is just a phone call away.

Savory Chicken has branches along Gilmore Avenue (Ortigas Ave.), Robinsons Place Manila, Mandaluyong, Theater Mall in Greenhills and more!


  1. my parents in the phils told me how delish the chicken is at Savory. i'm looking forward to having a taste of it when we visit manila. :)

  2. hi Fran!
    my mom told me, pinaglihi raw niya ako sa Savory pancit and kare-kare and crispy pata from barrio fiesta LMAO

  3. They still have fried bananas---they serve it with their chicken when you order just the chicken, that is, chicken not in a combo meal.

    My personal favorite is the salt and pepper squid. It's done so tender, hands down, one of the best I've tried.

  4. I also ate savory last Sunday...heehee!

  5. ibyang: you're not from the phils pala :) hope to meet u when u come and visit :)

    maan: uy thats cool! me naman sa taho without sago and white puto :P

    kaoko: ohhh we should order the full chicken then :P

    aline: savory is love :D

  6. hubby's family loves this too! and i'm slowly getting quite fond of it too. i love the sauce/gravy! we order the whole bottle haha! and in one sitting ubos yan! the family usually orders 3 whole chickens and at the end of every meal, buto na lang ang natitira. love it!! =)

  7. oh! one more savory favorite is their lumpia shanghai :)

  8. Franny! I hope the wedding preps are going well. I miss the tasty food in the Philippines. This is one of my favorites. The chicken is so yummy, it's always a joy to eat.

  9. had dinner at savory MOA the other night. one of their new dishes left a good impression to me. it's called shrimp meatballs. they were very flavorful, crunchy on the outside but juicy and soft inside. :)

  10. carren: hi thereee im doing good naman! congratulations to you my dear! enjoy your wedding preps! it will be a fun fun ride!

    edelweiza: ohh wowee! shrimp meatball! another meatless friday food choice :) thanks for the recommendation!

  11. hello, shrimp meatball was really delectable and classic savory called it AKU's special meatballs with sweet and sour sauce..., try also their DUmplings made by pork and shrimp with black mushroom and vermicelli.
    or if u want a miracle food, try there malunggay seafoods canton or their special Malungay vegetables canton, yap its a miracle becoz it came from a medicinal herbal plants--mallungay.

    if u are near manila try to get free delivery service tru this hotlines 5271985...

    congratulations to classic savory for being recognized as one of the best restaurant in the philippines serving pancit canton noodless, recognized by the department of tourism, phil. inquirer and unilever phils. wow sarap


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