[ CONTEST ALERT! ] Hey Girls! No Compromises with Kotex

I guess it's no secret how much I love to dine out! In fact this is probably one of the main reasons for this blog's existence.

Trying out different cuisines and immersing myself into the different themes and feel of each restaurant is always something that I look forward to at least every weekend. From the formal restaurants to the fun and hip diners, I am game to try out their best-selling dishes and to take my taste buds into a new foodie adventure!

However, if there's one thing that I expect each restaurant to have -- that would be to be able to provide the best service possible to its customers. Working for a coffee shop for more than two years showed me how we should treat our customers. Sanitary was of course the top priority. Here, I learned that we shouldn't put anything that has food (not even a plastic bag) on the floor. We take great care in checking the best before tags and most of all, we try our very best to give each and every customer the most amazing coffee experience ever.

This for me is definitely one thing I will never compromise on when it comes to eating out.

Speaking of compromises, Kotex came out with the Kotex Luxe a new line of sanitary napkins that has the the combination of dry-net and cotton-like covers to give us the dryness of net and the softness of cotton. I love it that it has longer wings making me feel more secure with every move.

With this new breakthrough, it allows you to be in-charge. Take no compromises as you have to make the right choices. It's after comfort and security we should all prioritize after all.

Just like how I will never take any compromises when it comes to getting the best restaurant service possible, Kotex would like to know...

What is that one thing that you will never compromise when it comes to dining out?

Leave me a comment with your name and email address and the Top 15 answers will be able to receive a special Kotex sampler gift pack sent right to your doorstep!

This contest will run from January 23, 2010 - January 30, 2010 at 11:59PM!


  1. Hygiene! I will never compromise the cleanliness of the food and the place because you can catch killer diseases like Hepatitis A,B,C and so forth by dining in unsanitary conditions.

  2. Yes, I agree with Rowena. Cleanliness is very important and should never be compromised - especially with food! :)

  3. I will never compromise alibis or excuses for delayed orders because it contributes to my loss of appetite.

  4. i will never compromise cleanliness of food and place too, safety level of the place and quality of food.

  5. When blind people are developing and practicing new skills either on their own or at a good training center, it is very important for them to push hard against their perceived limitations. Once you know to the center of your being that you can complete a task that people usually assume a blind person cannot do, you no longer have to prove to yourself that you can do it. Then you are free to do what seems most convenient in any given situation. But that is the reason I urged Baffled to carry her food herself. She seemed uncertain that she really could do it. She did not suggest that there were reasons why she was inherently unable to do the job, so I gently encouraged her to carry out the part of the task of gathering food from a buffet that would not compromise the cleanliness of other people’s food.

  6. I can never compromise the quality of food, particularly the ingredients used, the manner of preparation as well as the overall taste and most importantly the reputation of the place for serving their dishes. After all that's the reason why you went out dining; to taste something new, exciting and satisfying. And make sure that it will all be worth the money you're spending. Although cleanliness cannot be dispensed with, there is no exact way of verifying how clean is clean. But off course, we all have our own standards of cleanliness and it is very subjective to the specifications of customers even if the restaurant have their own method of accomplishing that.

  7. I will never compromise on hygiene and cleanliness of the establishments, particularly on their kitchens and comfort rooms..Also, I hate restaurants with a hefty service charge..where service is not even worth paying for.. besides, serving customers should be part of the cost of the meal, and not an extra fee we have to pay separately for..

  8. i will never compromise food safety and quality of the food.

  9. hi girls! thanks so much for being my first 8 respondents! :) yipeee! kindly leave your email addresses here in order for me to be able to contact you as soon as we have the results out :)


  10. Good customer service, which encompasses a lot of things like real concern to the customers and attention to major (quality of food, cleanliness of the place, polite wait staff, etc.) and even the most minor details.

  11. Kimberly Dela cruz

    I will never compromise health benefits. It may taste like it's the best thing on earth but if it's loaded with bad cholesterol and harmful ingredients, it's not worth it. That's why i don't opt for fast food chains.

  12. weng
    indeed cleanliness is very important to any establishment. the food maybe the best but still i will not compromise my health and just eat anything and anywhere.

  13. I'll never compromise the cleanliness of the food and the place. No matter how tasty the food they serve, if I get sick, then it's not worth dining at that resto.

  14. i won't compromise cleanliness, it definitely will speak something about the person who prepared it and the place how they value themselves and others. the quality of taste and the presentation and cleanliness is a package result because of their passion of cooking.

  15. Simple, the neatness of the place. If a restaurant is very neat outside and it will reflect how they offer their services and how they maintain the cleanliness inside.


  16. I will never compromise the bad services. They should be friendly and nice, some servers are like in a bad mood and they would smile at you. So what if my food is delicious and clean, sometimes it is the whole package. It really bothers me if I need something then the servers are like in a bad mood. How can I be happy eating my food if they are not like welcoming?


  17. I will never compromise the cleanliness of the food and even the utensils. The glass, plates and utensils have to be 100 percent clean. The food and drinks are not expired and it supposed to serve in a right way, if it has to be served cold or hot then they should follow it.


  18. I will never compromise when it comes to ambiance. Customers like us also need to be comfortable to enjoy our food. The music and nice decorations can make us comfortable eating our food.


  19. Hi! This is my e-mail add: neziramscravitz@yahoo.com.

  20. I will never compromise cleanliness. because our health is more important than anything..


  21. CLEANLINESS , Hygiene. I would never ever compromise with this one. Because our health, if it will be destroyed we are no longer efficient, we lose everything..

    And if what we eat is unclean, we'll get sick and the amount to be paid for the medicines + the discomfort you'll feel is more than what you saved for compromising...


    Adelen Festin

  22. hello Fran this is my email: rem_bai@live.com

  23. i will never overlook faulty food preparation or rude waitresses/waiters because that would mean that i'm not getting the value for my money...especially when the food also tastes bad!


  24. I will never compromise inappropriate pricing of foods.

    Although the best restaurants really have expensive menus, I think it is really important that you get the most of the value of your cash. Its not just of the beauty of the place but, its of what you got out of the food you intake from the place.

  25. Dear Fran,

    After being diagnosed with cancer, my doctors gave one of the most important requirements to help me sustain my life (because of low immunity)- eat only clean and sterile food.
    So if there's one thing that I cannot compromise, especially when dining out, I must say it'll be the *cleanliness and freshness of the food I'm eating* - whether I'm in a 5-star resto or at a carinderia.


  26. I believe that every dining experience should be as pleasant as possible. And so one thing I don't compromise when it comes to this is the overall cleanliness of the place. It provides a good ambience even if the place is simple which in turn gives you peace of mind.

  27. i would never compromise the quality of food being served. the food must be at least acceptable to my taste buds and worthy of eating, not to mention clean.

  28. i will never compromise the kind of customer service they offer.It´s nice to eat if the people will serve you food with a smile.Once you dont like the service, it becomes a wall that hinders you from coming back to that place. :)

    mars mercado

  29. Never would I compromise cleanliness, hygiene, food quality and customer service. All these are important for me everytime I dine out - whether in the canteen, a fastfood joint or a posh restaurant.

    cza[dot]roman at yahoo[dot]com

  30. I will never compromise the cleanliness of the area both inside and outside the restaurant. I ate once in a fastfood joint where I was appalled by the stench of the comfort room. In addition, the garbage outside was filled to the brim. Now, our food might look and smell clean after preparation but if the place surrounding it is unclean, then our food might still be swimming in bacteria which is of course something we cannot detect right away. Hence, we should also not make no concessions about the restaurant's cleanliness and maintenance. :)

    e-mail: incurable_optimism@yahoo.com

  31. Hi Fran,

    Jona here commenter #7.. here's my e-mail add: jonaalf@yahoo.com..

    Thanks, thanks..

  32. Kotex is the feminine pad among ALL feminine pads! The pad has a lot of varieties thus can adjust to every women's needs-- be it thin, overnight, or a simple day by day wear. Its the pad I wear because of the material that they use in every pad-- the others are irritating to the skin. Kotex Luxe will definitely be one of the pads I'm going to use during my next period! :)
    -Ayet San Jose

  33. A restaurant may have the best service, the most delish food and the poshiest ambiance but if it fails in the cleanliness part, then it failed.

    You can get turned-off with poor service.
    You can dislike a bland food
    You can also dislike the restau poor design.
    But if you have all three and the food you eat is unclean, the least that could happen to you is a stomach upset and worse it could be fatal.

    So I would never compromise cleanliness when it comes to restaurant.

    Maricel Glanida

  34. When dining out I will never compromise my family’s safety by picking an establishment that provides quality products and services. Cleanliness on the place and the way people serve is one factor. The quality of the food is another requirement. Lastly, the venue should be safe for my kids. I will never compromise their safety by bringing them to a place which I know is hazardous nor not safe for kids to roam around.

  35. Forgot to include my name & Email add =)


  36. CLEANLINESS of the place and their food.

  37. I cannot compromise food safety for price issues when dining out. Not only should the food be healthy and delicious, I also look into the restaurant's safe food handling practices to make susre that the food they serve are free from food-borne illnesses.

    The utensils must be sanitized, the production area and dining room must be in spic and span condition.


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  39. i never compromise on sanitation.
    We're seam to be exposed to millions of microscopic threats, that threaten our everyday health.
    From the start you step on the place, lets be aware of the proper sanitation.

  40. I will never compromise the cleanliness and sanitation of the place.

    MJ Pineda

  41. illin rodriguez

    I guess you can call me a cowboy when it comes to eating - i'm a no-frills type of girl, who can eat anywhere, anything, anytime. But the one thing i NEVER compromise when eating out? That would be the PEOPLE i eat out with. You see, im a very jolly person, who likes to be around fellow fun-loving peeps who are game for anything, and have some interesting anecdotes or jokes to share while eating. I believe that no one should ever eat alone, because eating is a social activity which should be a time for us to unwind, have a great time, and be at ease. And what better way to be all of these when you have great company around while eating out? :)

  42. When dining out, i will never ever compromise cleanliness. however, We are not always sure if the food served before us is clean because we do not know how they are being prepared inside the kitchen. But, you can gauge the cleanliness of the resto itself if the dining areas are clean, the CRs are sanitized and not smelly, the utensils and plates and glasses are sparkling clean, the counters are uncluttered, the servers are presentable without messy hairs or long and dirty nails...


  43. one thing that i will never compromise when dining out are the cleanliness of food, utensils and the place itself. we dine out to have a great relaxation to enjoy the place and the food we choose to hang out.


  44. I cannot compromise cleanliness when eating out. It is best to ensure that the food was prepared and cooked well. I don’t want to see any member of my family suffering from food poisoning.

    Since not all food outlets have open kitchen designed for customers to view their food preparation from start to finish, I gauge cleanliness by the clean clothes worn by waiters, availability of sterile utensils and cleanliness of the dining area.

  45. I will never compromise on sanitation and cleanliness when dining in a restaurant.

    I check if the food establishment follow safe food handling practices, and if they enforce good personal hygiene among their foodhandlers.

  46. I will never compromise my child's safety. I am a single-mom, and i took care of my son. Having him beside me all the time makes me feel that he is safe. So, I will need to check the cleanliness of the area as well as the cleanliness of preparing our food.

  47. I will never compromise QUALITY, and when you say quality, it includes the freshness of the ingredients, cleanliness of the area, sanitation in the kitchen, commitment of the persons responsible in preparing, cooking and serving the orders, the taste of their products and the way how they (staff) treat their customers.

  48. Hi!
    When dining out I will never compromise the place safety, cleanliness and food quality. Safe in that our body is still all intact after leaving the place. Clean, the place dont need to be too fancy its ok that it has a well sanitize CR. Food quality is a must, how we are going to enjoy our dining out if we wont have delicious servings


  49. i have never compromised food sanitation which includes cleanliness of the place, hygiene of the crew and the food itself...

    at tulad nga ng sabi ng ka-officemate ko, always look for the quality of food... kahit mahal ang bayad okay lang kaysa naman sa food na mura nga pero nag-suffer naman ang family dahil sa quality like the taste of the food and nutrients that you'll get...

  50. The one thing that I will never compromise when it comes to dining out is the QUALITY of the over all services on food. I will never like to eat a food which is serve in a bad shape. I will never want to go in a restaurant where there is no proper sanitation and good hygiene of the waiter. These are the qualities that I needed when dining out. :)


  51. I am fond of answering surveys from restaurants where I dine in. And the top 3 things that I really observe first before encircling the Poor and Outstanding remarks are:

    3. FOOD itself

    Those where the three things that I cannot compromise. The store should be clean, the crew should be warm, and the food should pass my tastebuds. If any of those fail, that store will be in my list of not to visit anymore stores.

  52. I will never compromise the taste and food sanitation and cleanliness of the utensils. It may be a hole-in-the-wall food joint as long as the food tastes superb and the food and utensils are clean.

    ba_det at yahoo dot com

  53. Eating is my pleasure.I love dining and going out with my friends. One thing that I usually checked whenever we choose a restau is the Scenery. It doesn't need to be like super bongga with maraming abububod. All I'm looking for is the cool vibe and relaxing. I will not compromise that. I'm also looking for a friendly dining waitress with a smile on their face. Di masungit and mapanglait. Adding to that also is the food na not so expensive pero HIGH QUALITY of taste and sanitation. Good presentation ba? hindi nila dapat icompromise yung ganung aura ng set-up sa kahit sinong tao, mapa- VIP o normal people. :)

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  55. hi girls!!

    thanks so much for joining! i'm officially closing this contest and it's time for me to read through all of your wonderful entries to choose the lucky 15! :)

    thanks again! :)


  56. we now have 15 winners!! :)



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