[ CONTEST ALERT! ] Hey Girls! No Compromises with Kotex

I guess it's no secret how much I love to dine out! In fact this is probably one of the main reasons for this blog's existence.

Trying out different cuisines and immersing myself into the different themes and feel of each restaurant is always something that I look forward to at least every weekend. From the formal restaurants to the fun and hip diners, I am game to try out their best-selling dishes and to take my taste buds into a new foodie adventure!

However, if there's one thing that I expect each restaurant to have -- that would be to be able to provide the best service possible to its customers. Working for a coffee shop for more than two years showed me how we should treat our customers. Sanitary was of course the top priority. Here, I learned that we shouldn't put anything that has food (not even a plastic bag) on the floor. We take great care in checking the best before tags and most of all, we try our very best to give each and every customer the most amazing coffee experience ever.

This for me is definitely one thing I will never compromise on when it comes to eating out.

Speaking of compromises, Kotex came out with the Kotex Luxe a new line of sanitary napkins that has the the combination of dry-net and cotton-like covers to give us the dryness of net and the softness of cotton. I love it that it has longer wings making me feel more secure with every move.

With this new breakthrough, it allows you to be in-charge. Take no compromises as you have to make the right choices. It's after comfort and security we should all prioritize after all.

Just like how I will never take any compromises when it comes to getting the best restaurant service possible, Kotex would like to know...

What is that one thing that you will never compromise when it comes to dining out?

Leave me a comment with your name and email address and the Top 15 answers will be able to receive a special Kotex sampler gift pack sent right to your doorstep!

This contest will run from January 23, 2010 - January 30, 2010 at 11:59PM!

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