Enjoying Italiannis!

Last week was spent meeting up with old friends, first there was that delicious Chinese dinner at Eat Well with my high school seatmate N and this time I met up with another high school buddy who actually graduated from the school across my school.

Knowing how much I love to dine out, A told me to decide on our dinner venue for that night. A long list suddenly came to mind but after going through my thick yet handy-dandy Enjoy booklet, I chose from the ones with branches in Greenhills and finally settled on Italianni's.

It was a good thing that A was also craving for Italian food and so this made a perfect choice.

I arrived earlier than expected and I took this opportunity to scan the menu. I actually love doing this as I like reading each item slowly before making my choice. A arrived right after I did and we decided to make use of my Enjoy coupon that gives us a Buy one, Get one free main dish treat!

On the table

It wasn't that difficult to make our choice as A and I practically eat anything. With that we got the Porkchop au Poivre (Php. 620.54) and the Parmesan Crusted Fish (Php. 531.25).

One reason why I love dining at Italianni's is because of their warm aromatic foccacia bread that they always serve together with a plate of balsamic vinegar-olive oil dip.

This is actually perfect to munch on while waiting for your order. Of course A and I began to catch up on each other's lives too.

While I was busy bugging A to spill about his love life, our main dishes finally arrived.

A, being the ultimate gentleman began slicing a generous piece of Parmesan Crusted Fish and placing it on my plate and asking if I want to try the pork chop already. I shook my head as I was already enjoying my juicy piece of fish fillet. It has a creamy parsley sauce and some sauteed veggies at the side. I make sure that I spread the sauce on top of each bite as it really perked up the flavor of the deep-fried fish fillet. Yum!

Next, we each got a piece of the Porkchop au Poivre that looks so juicy and tender. While deep into our conversation, we were busy slicing, biting and talking at the same time. However, slicing further through my pork chop, I noticed that the meat was still raw and there were actually a hint of pink on the supposedly white pork meat. I asked A if his pork chop was ok but he just stared at his almost empty plate and gave me a sheepish grin. I called the attention of our server who immediately offered to replace our dish.

Since we were almost full with these two main dishes, we initially declined but they still insists to make up for it. Instead, we chose to get a pasta dish and requested to just split this and wrap it for us to take home. Needless to say, we appreciate that they quickly responded to our complain and repeatedly apologized for the oversight.

Thank you Italianni's! Their good service has saved our meal from disaster!

We just paid for the Porkchop au Poivre as the Enjoy card allowed us to get the Fish Fillet for free! Hooray!

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