No Compromises! ... and the winners are....

Make no compromises!

8 wonderful days have passed and I got a total of 53 awesome answers to the question:

What is that one thing that you will never compromise when it comes to dining out?

I really enjoyed reading through all of the answers and in the process realized that each of us takes dining out seriously and that each one of us have our own rules that will ensure each dining experience to be stress-free and worthwhile.

Allow me to share with you the top 15 answers which I think are just truly great! These are some things I will definitely bare in mind on my next food trip:


1) Rowena Wendy Lei
Hygiene! I will never compromise the cleanliness of the food and the place because you can catch killer diseases like Hepatitis A,B,C and so forth by dining in unsanitary conditions.
2) Cherry
i won't compromise cleanliness, it definitely will speak something about the person who prepared it and the place how they value themselves and others. the quality of taste and the presentation and cleanliness is a package result because of their passion of cooking.
3) Maan
After being diagnosed with cancer, my doctors gave one of the most important requirements to help me sustain my life (because of low immunity)- eat only clean and sterile food.
So if there's one thing that I cannot compromise, especially when dining out, I must say it'll be the *cleanliness and freshness of the food I'm eating* - whether I'm in a 5-star resto or at a carinderia.
4) Lia
I will never compromise the cleanliness of the area both inside and outside the restaurant. I ate once in a fastfood joint where I was appalled by the stench of the comfort room. In addition, the garbage outside was filled to the brim. Now, our food might look and smell clean after preparation but if the place surrounding it is unclean, then our food might still be swimming in bacteria which is of course something we cannot detect right away. Hence, we should also not make no concessions about the restaurant's cleanliness and maintenance. :)
5) Luckyfinds
I cannot compromise food safety for price issues when dining out. Not only should the food be healthy and delicious, I also look into the restaurant's safe food handling practices to make sure that the food they serve are free from food-borne illnesses.
6) Kasai
When dining out I will never compromise the place safety, cleanliness and food quality. Safe in that our body is still all intact after leaving the place. Clean, the place dont need to be too fancy its ok that it has a well sanitize CR. Food quality is a must, how we are going to enjoy our dining out if we wont have delicious servings.
Health Benefits

7) Kimberly
I will never compromise health benefits. It may taste like it's the best thing on earth but if it's loaded with bad cholesterol and harmful ingredients, it's not worth it. That's why i don't opt for fast food chains.

8) VPao
I will never compromise inappropriate pricing of foods.
Although the best restaurants really have expensive menus, I think it is really important that you get the most of the value of your cash. Its not just of the beauty of the place but, its of what you got out of the food you intake from the place.
Customer Service

9) Marshi
i will never compromise the kind of customer service they offer.It´s nice to eat if the people will serve you food with a smile.Once you dont like the service, it becomes a wall that hinders you from coming back to that place. :)
Safe for kids

10) Bachuchay
When dining out I will never compromise my family’s safety by picking an establishment that provides quality products and services. Cleanliness on the place and the way people serve is one factor. The quality of the food is another requirement. Lastly, the venue should be safe for my kids. I will never compromise their safety by bringing them to a place which I know is hazardous nor not safe for kids to roam around.
11) Zoan
I will never compromise my child's safety. I am a single-mom, and i took care of my son. Having him beside me all the time makes me feel that he is safe. So, I will need to check the cleanliness of the area as well as the cleanliness of preparing our food.

12) Jarmela
Dining out is one of my favorite things to do for pleasure. It's like a treat - getting away from the house, I don't have to prepare my own food, and taste new or favorite delightful dishes. So definitely, the one thing I don't compromise from dining out is the taste of food.
13) Bernadette Siazon
I will never compromise the taste and food sanitation and cleanliness of the utensils. It may be a hole-in-the-wall food joint as long as the food tastes superb and the food and utensils are clean.
Quality of the food

14) Nicely
I will never compromise QUALITY, and when you say quality, it includes the freshness of the ingredients, cleanliness of the area, sanitation in the kitchen, commitment of the persons responsible in preparing, cooking and serving the orders, the taste of their products and the way how they (staff) treat their customers.
15) Marizen
I can never compromise the quality of food, particularly the ingredients used, the manner of preparation as well as the overall taste and most importantly the reputation of the place for serving their dishes. After all that's the reason why you went out dining; to taste something new, exciting and satisfying. And make sure that it will all be worth the money you're spending. Although cleanliness cannot be dispensed with, there is no exact way of verifying how clean is clean. But off course, we all have our own standards of cleanliness and it is very subjective to the specifications of customers even if the restaurant have their own method of accomplishing that.

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