Luna Resto Bar : Party all Night!

What's your gimik style?

I must admit mine normally consists of an intimate and delicious dinner followed by a long night cap over coffee. When given more time, I would probably choose to watch a movie or to sing the night away at the KTV. I was never good at bar-hopping and perhaps the only reason why I would visit a bar is when they do also serve good food.

Such is the case when I received an invite from fellow blogger Hannah to attend the Grand Opening of Luna Resto Bar along Wilson street in Greenhills. Aside from the fact that it's perfectly located within my neighborhood, I believe that Paul and I deserve a break from our usual routine and it's time to do something exciting such as spending the night with friends while enjoying Luna's good food and drinks.

To get the party started, we were served with the Luna Nachos (Php. 220). Said to be the Best Nachos in Town, true enough, I love Nachos and this version earned at least 10 thumbs up signs from our table. The nachos was perfectly crisp and its topped with chili con carne, spanish chorizo, melted cheese and their signature pimiento mayo sauce. A perfect starter to match with a cold bottle of beer.

Up next was the Luna Sisig (Php. 195), served in a piping hot skillet pan with minced chorizo giving it a Spanish twist. This heart-stopping favorite is good for sharing given the high calories that you can get from every bite. Then again, have it once in a while and indulge!

I love it that the menu of Luna is very innovative! Take the Flaming Chicken Wings (Php. 240) for example. They took our average buffalo wings to greater heights -- that is by flaming it up! I love how crunchy is it on the outside and yet remains tender inside. My only wish is that if the wings can be a little bit bigger for one to be able to fully appreciate the meat even with just one piece.

These are a few of our favorite

From the interesting round of appetizers, out came the main highlights of the evening. First was the Luna Paella, which according to the server is one of the dishes that they are truly proud of. One scoop of the paella and we immediately knew why, the dish is very flavorful and my favorite was the slightly burnt rice found at the bottom of the pan that has a very crunchy texture. Yum! I love the chorizo, egg and veggies added into the rice.

Next came my personal favorite, the Lengua Salpicao (Php. 195). It's bite-sized ox tongue sauteed in olive oil and lots of garlic! This is actually perfect with a cup of rice to complete your meal. The meat was very tender and there was actually no funky smell that one is normally wary of then it comes to eating ox tongue.

From the Salpicao, another dish that stole my heart was the Lengua Estofado which are thin slices of ox tongue cooked in thick tomato sauce and served with Spanish yellow rice. Once again, the meat was very soft and I love the tangy hint brought by the tomato sauce.

We had quite a meal but for those who would like to add a little Italian feel to your Spanish-inspired meal, there's a wide selection of unique pasta dishes for you to choose from. The owners are very proud of their Paella pasta which is plate of al dente pasta noodles cooked in the very same sauce used in their Paella. Expect this to give you that rich and flavorful taste that we all enjoyed from their Paella. Another pasta dish is a cream-based version with Spanish chorizo. This one might be a hit with the ladies who loves creamy pasta combined with a little kick from the spicy chorizo.

As Luna is both a Restaurant and a Bar. Make sure to grab either a cold bottle of beer (I highly recommend Super Bock which is a new beer brand from Portugal) or a glass of their specialty mixes that will bring out the party girl in you.

Allow me to share with you some party snapshots taken by Paul:

Party scene at Luna

A lot of guests came to celebrate Luna's grand opening

Hey Mr. DJ! (DJ Way Yao)

Chris teasing Jane hehehe

I will definitely be back! In fact I'm even thinking of spending my last single-girl birthday here in a couple of months with my dear girl friends! :)

Luna Resto Bar is located at 220 Wilson street, Greenhills, San Juan City.

*special thanks to Carlos for lending Paul your awesome flash!
*photo credits : Paul Ang

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