Mo' Food! Mo' Drinks! It's Momolicious!

It's always a joy going to the new Eastwood Mall. With its growing list of interesting food establishments, I normally would suggest meeting up here for a quick get-together or a cozy lunch out with friends.

Such was the case one Saturday afternoon when my balikbayan friend Ei and I agreed to meet up for lunch. Since she lives up north and I, somewhere along the center of the metro, Eastwood City turned out to be our middle ground.

I have a growing list of must-try restaurants in this new mall and this includes Momo Cafe. After enjoying our lunch at Chelsea Market and Cafe and loving the drinks over at M Cafe, I was very excited to try out this particular restaurant by the same operating group.

We arrived just a little past 12:30 and the restaurant was jam-packed! It's a good thing that service was quick and turn-over was pretty fast too. In no time, the front desk officer was able to lead us to our table. I love the bright, colorful interiors. With yellow being the main theme of the restaurant, it somehow gave us a sun-shiny feeling the moment we walked into the restaurant.

Ei and I quickly scanned its menu and it's funny that we were both eyeing on the same things! Taking a peek at the table beside us, we noticed that the serving was pretty big. Thus we agreed to just get one appetizer and a main course to share. I even told Ei to save some space for dessert after seeing that they have my favorite Cookie Dough Cheesecake from Chelsea.

We immediately placed our order as we had a lot of catching up to do.

While waiting for our orders to arrive, we happily munch on their complimentary garlic bread with this really yummy spread that I feel has a mix of pimiento, garlic and lots of cheese. We liked it so much that we tried asking the server what's it made off but looks like this remains to be Momo's top secret that she just gave us a big smile and told us to enjoy it.

Shortly after, our appetizer was served. We got the "Melted" Crab & Spinach 3 Cheese Dip (Php. 225). This was definitely a good choice as Ei and I enjoyed the crunchy chips, the juicy veggie sticks and of course, the delicious dip. In fact, this is probably one good dish to get the young ones to eat their veggies. I'm not really that fond of raw carrot sticks but with this one, I couldn't help but munch on one stick after the other as I carefully coated my carrots with the cheesy dip.

While enjoying our appetizer, our Sweet and Smokey Hickory BBQ Rib-lets (Php. 350) has arrived. Imagine a huge dish filled with perfectly grilled hickory bbq rib-lets placed sandwiched in between yellow party rice, a couple of buttered veggies and crunchy onion rings. Ei loved this dish and she kept on saying how tender the ribs were. I tried them myself and noted that the meat was literally fork-tender as the menu has promised. No need to struggle and lose your poise here. This is definitely perfect for families to enjoy.

While we only had two dishes that day, Ei and I were unbelievably stuffed that we just had to say no to dessert. Maybe on your next visit, I told my friend.

MoMo after a couple of research, I found out, stands for More Food, More Drinks. Guess they can also add there More Happiness as this was surely what we felt after our delicious meal. I will definitely be back as I would love to their their pizza, pasta and that cute cupcake that they have with a gummy bear on top.

Momo Cafe has two branches located at the Ground Floor of the Eastwood Mall (900 1006 or 1007) in Quezon City and also at the Ground Floor of Robinson's Place (353 4840) in Manila.

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