Barre3: Stretch. Flex. Tone.

After years of indulging in the best tasting dishes and enjoying dinner outs, 2010 is the year to be healthy and to take on a more active lifestyle.

This is the main reason why I immediately said yes to an invite to try the latest exercise workout called Barre3. This was brought in by its Managing Director Tanya Tan after spending 5 years in the USA and loving the combination of yoga, ballet and pilates.

So, I went straight to The Spa at the Bonifacio Highstreet after work yesterday. Entering the building, I was greeted with the soothing sound of water that immediately made me feel relax and a bit sleepy. The strong minty scent makes me want to go up to the second floor to avail of a massage treatment. Then, I had to stop myself as my main goal was to try Barre3 and to torment my body who hasn't worked out for quite a while.

Entering the Barre3 studio, I was greeted by Tanya Tan herself who happens to be my sister's batch mate in high school. After exchanging his, hellos and a couple of "do you know ____", she led me to the locker room for me to change into my workout clothes. The rule here is to wear something comfortable. I went with my trusty gym pants, my favorite shirt and my comfy pair of socks.

Shortly after, my fellow bloggers arrived and our class began at exactly 7PM. This is a 60 minute workout wherein we will be taught various moves and stretches that aims to improve our balance, breathing and grace.

This actually sounds and looks easier than it seems. It was throughout that 60-minute workout then I realized that standing on tip-toes while doing lunges can be the hardest thing to do when your legs, thighs and arms are shaking uncontrollably which obviously is a sign of being inactive for quite a while. I shake my head as to scold myself for allowing this to happen. It's embarrassing to say the least.

Darcy Harding, the master trainer from Portland, Oregon was the one who conducted our session. I watch in awe as she moves gracefully. She gently instructed us to perform one move to another and repeatedly told us to just take it easy and to relax. This is a very low impact exercise but I was sweating like mad as if I was doing a one hour hip hop aerobic workout! I can just imagine how this will definitely help one lose weight, gain better posture and live a healthier life!

Finally, our 60 minute workout was over and I honestly couldn't believe that I have survived throughout the whole thing. While my body was screaming and telling me never to torment them again, my mind is telling me to go back and give it another try soon.

Let me share with you the benefits of Barre3:

- it connects mind, body and breath and definitely relieves stress
- it promises inch loss and reduces body fat
- it builds longer, leaner muscles and a strong core
- it energizes and increases stamina
- it develops muscle balance leading to a well-proportioned body with less risk for injury
- it increases flexibility and creates a natural flow to the body
- lastly, it builds connections and community which are both important in making exercise a regular part of life

Check out their rates: (in my opinion, a small price to pay to get all the benefits listed above)

Single class - P700
10 classes - P5,500
30 classes - P15,000

Monthly Unlimited membership - P5,500
Annual Unlimited membership - P50,000

Special Rates
Private session (one-on-one) - P2,000
Exclusive session(minimum of two clients) - P1,500/person

As of the moment, Barre3 lessons are only available at The Spa Alabang and The Spa at the Bonifacio Highstreet. Soon they will also have classes at Rockwell and at Eastwood.

Call The Spa for more information, 8363184 (Alabang) or 4035994 (Bonifacio Highstreet).

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