Unlike the past months wherein I have successfully managed to write at least 5 entries a week, this month tells a different story. My entries are coming in slower than usual, I hardly have the time to blog much less explore the city for the newest food destinations... this doesn't mean though that Frannywanny is losing her passion for blogging..it's just that at this point in my life...my work and hobby must take a back seat and it's time to focus on that one thing that means the most to me right now...my personal life.

Just two weeks ago, Paul and I formally took that big step closer to being a married couple. Nope, we have not tied the knot yet but we're definitely half-way there and literally 74 days away from our BIG day.

Following our Fil-Chi traditions, we finally had our Ting Hun. This is the official ceremony wherein our parents formally welcomes us into each other's family. In other words...

we're officially and truly ENGAGED!

Check out how we are doing with our wedding preparations over at The Kanchiu Files.


  1. woohoo! the big day is soooo near! :) congratulations franny! :)

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  3. Congratulations! Wishing for your future life filled with love and abundant blessings:)


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