SPOTTED: Frannywanny in Serenitea

Call it mutual attraction, I discovered Serenitea and immediately fell in love with the whole concept that kind of took the place of the Green Siren in my heart.

A year later, I'm more addicted to it than ever that I even had to impose a two-week hiatus in order to normalize the tea and sugar level in my body.

Yesterday, I went back and enjoyed the familiar smell of brewed tea as I entered the store. Getting closer to the counter, I noticed that the server now has a new addition to their regular uniform. They now have cute button pins with words I couldn't not make out from where I stood. Finally it was my turn to place my order and Janet beamed at me as I ordered my usual large cup of Hokkaido Milk Tea (Php. 95).

Looking closely I read her pink button pin and it says....

It sure was a great surprise and I love Serenitea more than ever!


  1. wow! they read your blog! teeheee! :P

  2. congrats! I love hokkaido milk tea too, and their pepper chicken and fries :D

  3. Certified addict ka na talaga! :D

  4. Fran! That button is so cool! :) -Becky

  5. it was surely a sweet surprise! :) i love serenitea :P


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