I love you Scottie

Dear Scottie (the Hottie),

You have no idea how much joy you bring to the family. I can't believe the effect that you have... with your joyful bark as I walk in the room makes my day's stress and worries go away in an instant.

Who would believe that I was never a dog-lover before..make than an animal-lover at that. I was dead scared of puppies like you most especially those that would chase me around the room to lick my feet. Not wanting to sound dramatic but..you changed me.

You love music and everytime Mommy would play the piano you would quietly listen and walk around in tip-toes as not to disturb her.

You may still have to be potty-trained and can be a bit gross with your poo-eating habit but we still love you dearly.

Continue to brighten our day, dear Scottie as we will take care of you forever and ever.

Love lots,
Fran :)

*photo credit: Paul Ang


  1. It's like having a real live Nintendog! :D

  2. Aww.. this is sweet so that someday when Scotty grows up he'll be able to read this and know how much we love him :P

  3. Cute our poms Fran! I have 3 poms and 2 labs  http://www.shootfirsteatlater.com/2009/02/i-know-its-supposed-to-be-food-blog-but.html?m=1


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