My Thai : Their take on Bangkok's Best

It has been two years since our last visit to the Land of Smiles a.k.a. Bangkok and one thing that why we miss it so much is because of their delicious food.

Every meal was an adventure as we try their local favorites such as the Pad Thai, Green Curry, Pomelo Salad and of course the Thai Iced Tea. I think we must have had Pad Thai in almost every single meal during our three days, two nights stay.

After work, one week day, Paul and I found ourselves at My Thai, the newest Thai restaurant along Wilson street in San Juan. It's part of the same group as Pho Hoa and Jack's Loft wherein you may also cross-order from these two other restaurants.

Inside, the interiors was predominantly red with tiny black drawers lining up the wall. We chose to sit at the couch which was way more comfy than being in the yellow wooden chairs.

Our My Thai picks

I was craving for Thai Pork Bagoong Rice (Php. 230) which is what I first ordered even without opening the menu. No visit to a Thai restaurant would be complete with this or a plate of Pad Thai. I love the mix of sour green mango strips with the slight salty-sweet pork bagoong mixed into the fried rice. Yum! I also love the wansoy leave on top of the rice.

We went on carbo-overload that evening, aside from the Bagoong Rice we also go the Shrimp Pad Thai (Php. 230) which was a bit too sour for my taste. Paul liked it though but the serving was big enough for three which makes the price pretty reasonable.

Our next choice was a mistake -- Fried Kangkong with Spicy Shrimp Sauce (Php. 185). The leaves were tiny making it hard to really enjoy and it was oozing with oil. I didn't like the shrimp sauce which somehow reminds me of our local kilawin with cooked shrimps that is. It is swimming in spicy vinegar and it does not really blend well with the oily kangkong. This, we could have definitely do without.

Following Paul's constant prodding who obviously was not happy with the oily veggie, we got the Crispy Chicken Wings with Thai Spicy Sauce (Php. 178). One order has generous serving of about 4-5 chicken wings. As soon as this dish was served, we sadly had to send it back to the kitchen because my chicken meat was still bloody red. Not a good thing at all when eating chicken. After 3 minutes, our server brought our platter back and it was properly cooked this time. I liked the crispy skin dipped into the spicy sauce. I honestly can't say much in terms of Thai authenticity but this will surely delight the young ones.

Our dinner was filling but not very satisfying. Service was ok but it also took us a while to get the server's attention considering we were the only ones there.

I'm off to search for a better Thai restaurant in the Metro!

My Thai is located along Wilson street (beside Pho Hoa and Jack's Loft, in front of Alex III), San Juan City, Metro Manila.

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