What makes you HAPPY?

I'm stuck at home today. Had to take a leave from work due to a nasty stomachache that kept me up all night. Was it something I ate or is it because of stress? Whichever it was, I'm just upset that I'm wasting a beautiful day doing NOTHING.

Going through the folder filled with my favorite photos I came across a couple that made me smile... these things truly make me happy and so I'd like to share them with you.

my favorite drink

my comfort food

a sweet surprise

wish I can be a kid again :)

a delicious discovery

the best set of friends


Tell me, what makes you HAPPY?


  1. seeing my son happy makes me happy :)

  2. I hope I don't sound corny, but what makes me happy is seeing people, like you, happy. :) So stay happy!

  3. meikah: awwww you're so sweet! stay happy too! :)

  4. Oyyy, nakilig naman ako dun sa last =)

    What makes me happy are good stories, kindness, pretty shoes, my good friends, good food and Vince. Luckily, Vince can provide stories, kindness, shopping, friendship and food! So one-stop shop na siya ehehehe

  5. frances: haha cheezy talaga kami ni paul lately :P


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