Home Store Find: Regalong Pambahay

Since Paul and I are starting to plan for our new room, we are now getting into the habit of checking out various home stores to get more ideas on how to decorate our room.

First step was to determine our color theme. Taking the advise of my colleague and Real Living Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Rach, we browsed through a handful of home books starting off with our very own Color Book that we launched last year. Finally, Paul and I found THE ONE.

We both agreed that our room will make use of neutral colors (beige, brown and white) with a hint of old rose here and there. From there, we began to scour around for decors and items that we will be needing to complete our room.

One afternoon, I decided to drop by the Regalong Pambahay Outlet Store which was located just two blocks away from my office. It was also timely that I had to buy a gift for a dear friend's wedding and so I thought visiting this store would be a great idea.

Inside, the feel was very Filipiniana/Asian. I love the subtle floral designs and how organized the entire store was. All blues in one corner, the green in another and so on. Since our friend mentioned that their home will have a predominant blue feel, I wasted no time and headed straight to the blue displays.

After making my choice, I went around the store to check out the other items...and this caught my eye. This lamp is so pretty, don't you think?

They also have a couple of shelves filled with trinkets and bags from sister company EGG. I love this cofffee table with those pink throw pillows.

The best thing is, everything bought here is cheaper as compared to the ones in their regular stores. You get 20% discount when paying in cash and 15% discount when you use your credit card!

The Regalong Pambahay Outlet Store is located along Pioneer street in Mandaluyong (beside 7-11 and Cityland Condominium).


  1. NICE! thanks fran! i'm looking for a 1 stop shop in manila now to outfit my cousin's room since he's already getting married... next weekend. hahahaha omg rush.

  2. I didn't know they have an outlet store here! :) thanks for sharing...though we moved in to our new home almost 2 years ago, it's still a work in progress and Real Living mag is one of my references too. I wish you happy shopping as I'm sure you will enjoy browsing through different furniture and home accessories. Restoration in Shangri-la is a great store too, plus Greenhills, and Our Home.

  3. im starting to like home shopping..it can be fun and stressful at the same time :)

  4. Wow! Fran! I didn't know Regalong Pambahay has an outlet store and its near us pa! hehe! I'll definitly pass by one of these days! We can feature them for RL or nominate them as one of the Best home stores of 2010.


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