A Taste of Portugal at O'sonho

To be honest, I don't think I have ever tasted Portuguese food, except for those yummy Egg Tarts in Hong Kong that I just had to get before flying back to Manla .Thus, an invitation to try O'Sonho's newest branch in Eastwood was definitely something I was looking forward to.

O'sonho, which actually means The Dream in Portuguese, has a very beautiful story behind it. Owned by sweet couple Cris and Nik Barancik, we were told that it has been their long time dream to open a restaurant. Thus, after coming home from their honeymoon and searching for a Portuguese restaurant here in Manila and realizing that there was none, this couple decided to open one themselves and the rest was history.

We were treated to an array of O'sonho's best-seller. Starting off with a soup called Caldo Verde I enjoyed the thick and creamy vegetable soup that tastes very much like spinach but as Cris explained, it's actually made of kale leaves which can only be sourced abroad.

Jimbo chose the Jumbo Wrap with Lamb and was so kind to share it with us. I loved every bite of the wrap and believe me it was HUGE! Well, it was huge enough to feed all 5 of us. I loved the tender bits of lamb plus the very tasty garlic cream sauce that they added in. An additional highlight was the spicy Peri Peri sauce that you have to add on top of your wrap to give that delicious zing and definitely that Portuguese feel.

What's a visit to a Portuguese restaurant without trying their Peri Peri Chicken? This is not your ordinary fried chicken, with the addition of, once again, the Peri Peri sauce, you'll enjoy the play of flavors that goes perfectly well with their mild herb rice.

In addition to the Peri Peri Chicken Rice, you may also opt to have it with pesto pasta. We got the Peri Peri Chicken Pasta which was very good too.

However, the highlight of the meal was the Seafood Paella. Cris told us that Nik actually came from the family who runs Casa Armas, right there and then I knew I just have to try their paella. My family has been a HUGE fan of Casa Armas and I'm sure Nik also knows the secret to their famous paella while adding a little Portuguese twist and serving it here in his very own restaurant -- O' Sonho. In between bites and stories shared back and forth, came the Seafood Paella that was placed in a beautiful medium sized pan. It's topped with plump shrimps, squid, olives and sliced boiled egg. My favorite can be found at the bottom of the pan, that delicious slightly burnt layer that was oh-so-crunchy and tasty!

Aside from the Peri Peri Chicken and the Paella, one must also try the Bacalhau de "O'Sonho" which makes a good appetizer with four pieces of toasted pita chips and a tangy mix of bacalhau (salty cod fish), carrots, bell peppers in tomato sauce.

Almond Sans Rival

We were so full but Cris and Nik insists that we try their desserts. Eventually, we're glad that we did as their cakes are also something worth going back for over and over again.

As I write this, I'm missing O'Sonho's Paella, Peri Per Chicken and desserts! Will definitely be back soon!

O' Sonho is located at 1880 Building, New Eastwood Mall, Quezon City (it's right across Dwell). They also have another branch at 20 Jupiter street, Makati (beside Fiamma). Call them at 470-1768 / 8963289.

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