April is Earth Month

Back when I was still working for the Green Siren, I was tasked to handle the company's Social Responsibility department for a while. It then that I became more aware about caring for our environment, appreciate culture and the arts and became an advocate for early childhood education.

Every April 22, we celebrate Earth Day. Various activities has been done during this month such as that amazing clean-up drive that we did in partnership with CCP and a lot more.

My sister showed me a link that shows a video of a talented friend who invited his YouTube friends to send in their own video singing/playing to the tune of Discovery Channel's Earth Hour commercial "I Love The Whole World (Boom De Ah Da)"

In less than 4 days, he got 4 cool videos to which he stitched them all together to create this wonderful masterpiece!

I love the whole world! Way to go! :)

video credits:

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