...and we have a WINNER!!!

They wrote...we chose....and we now have THREE winners!!!

Here are the names of the lucky ones who will be receiving a cute Havaianas USB stick as they answered the question:“If anything was possible, what would you do to make the world happy for a day?”

1) Jackielyn Rhio Guerrero
To make the world happy for a day, I would invent a machine that can turn water into food.. one way to solve our major problem poverty!

2) Zoan
If anything is possible, I will let everyone feel that they are loved by me, simply by hugging and kissing them telling them that they are important. Because sometimes Each one of us just needs a little act of kindness to feel that we are important.

3) Fiona
I would open Enchanted Kingdom free-of-charge for all. All rides and food will also be free for everybody. So even for just a day people would forget all their problems and just savor the moment of childhood fun.

Kindly email me at frannywannyblogs@gmail.com to get the details on how to claim your prize!

Congratulations winners!!!


  1. woohoo i won, i won... thank you so much franny.. and congratulations to the other winners:)

  2. whoohoooh i love the havaianas usb! im so glad i won. thanks so much franny.

  3. nice usb, franny.
    congratz to the winners!

  4. oh noooo... i was planning to join. i missed it! waaaah!

  5. thanks frannywanny! super love it.. i won! i won! :))))))


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