[ CONTEST ALERT!] Granting your Christmas Wish....with the 2011 Starbucks Planner

A year ago, I made Maan's Starbucks wish come true by awarding her with the 2010 Starbucks Planner. Her entries really touched my heart and the fact that she was able to leave meaningful comments every single day really showed me how determined she was to win the prize.

I'm now back to fulfill the Starbucks wishes of three lucky readers by giving out three limited edition 2011 Starbucks Planners!

As featured in my previous post, this year's planner talks about The Third Place
It's not home;
it's not workplace.
It's that special place in between where
we meet to awaken our senses,
to find inspiration, and
to make lasting connections.

The third place --
this is what we have become for you,
our loyal customer, our friend.
For more than five years already, Starbucks Ashcreek has been my 3rd Place. The only Starbucks branch where I would go to when I want to meet up with friends or to just be on my own. It's where I know most of the baristas and they would know my favorite drink despite how customized it would be. I love the crowd in this store as well, people who belonging to the same community where I'm in. For me, Starbucks Ashcreek is home away from home...my 3rd place.

Here's the BIG question:
Where is your Starbucks 3rd place and share a memorable  moment that has made you stay loyal to that store.

There are TWO ways to send in your answer:
ONE : Leave a comment on this entry.
TWO : Be part of the Official Facebook Page of Frannywanny.com and post your answer on my wall using this format
eg: I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks _____________ and (insert memorable moment)

I will be asking the help of our friends from Starbucks Coffee Philippines to help me choose the winners.

Just some reminders:
- Promo duration: December 1 - 23, 2010
- Contest will end on December 23, 2010 at 11:59PM.
- For those who will be leaving a comment in this blog. Don't forget to leave your name and email address in order for me to easily contact you if your entry has been chosen
- You may only send in ONE entry in ONE medium (blog comment box or Facebook page) per day.
- No duplicate answers per person please.

Good luck!!! :)


  1. i think it's my first time to comment on your blog. i'm afraid i couldn't join. i posted a link from my blog to your contest instead, i hope you don't mind. :)

  2. Starbucks 3rd place...

    I am afraid I cannot join this, too, because I rarely go to Starbucks. I wish to win the planner, though. :) Maybe next year.

  3. thanks jackie! yes please repost this in your blog. truly appreciate it!

    @jenn: aww sayang hope you can still join

  4. Hi Fran

    Wow! Just as I wished for... :)

  5. Hi fran posted an entry on my blog na!!

    My Starbucks 3rd place would be Starbucks Glorietta, it is very neat and I can relax and be myself there... spending time with wifey makes time pass by so sweetly. =)

  6. Pierre Angeli A. SuravillaDecember 1, 2010 at 4:47 PM

    I want to win a Starbucks Planner! -
    My 3rd place is in Starbucks Nuvali. Because of its quiet space for conversation and its relaxing nature scene in the Sta. Rosa area. :)

  7. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! -
    My 3rd place is in Starbucks PSE, Ortigas because it's where a good friendship started between me and my "kumares" (godmothers of my
    son). Whenever it's payday, we stay there, sit back and relax and we talked about different topics esp. issues in the office. Another thing that makes it memorable is that, my kumares (two kumare) would pay half of the price of my mocha frap and that was always touching for me. They knew that I have to save a lot for my upcoming baby, so they would always treat me or they would pay half price of my mocha frap. ^^ I always appreciate that and i wouuld always treasure our moments in that place. =)

  8. I want to win a Starbucks Planner!
    My 3rd place is in Starbucks ATC because last year when i was pregnant i would hang out at Starbucks ATC while waiting for my husband to finish working out..i would drink their signature hot choco ( since coffee is a no-no) while reading to the baby inside my belly. Now that i've given birth i bring my baby whenever i go there and reminisce the days when she was still inside my belly. Our Starbucks moment is our mommy & baby bonding moment..too bad i still can't drink coffee cuz i'm breastfeeding..so it's still signature hot choco for me =)

  9. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks SM City Batangas because just thinking about going to Starbucks makes me happy, inside! That's right,CHEAP HAPPINESS. And it is a great place to gather bunch of friend or family. I am always GREETED when I enter Starbucks. I know this is how the Starbucks employees are trained and it is part of their job to greet me. It still makes me feel important and valued as a customer. And the most important to all, this is where I can hang out by my self, there are very few places where you can sit alone and read. It is perfectly acceptable to be alone at Starbucks. I love Starbucks very much as well as the Starbucks planner! :)

    EMAIL: slither_keen1004@yahoo.com


  10. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Congressional and a lot of laughters, tears, and happy memories happened here...this is where my ex and I had our first date, tambay place when we are not doing anything. This is also where i had my CLOSURE with another ex, also the place where I talked to friend's referred 'dates' to me.. I think Starbucks Congressional is where my LOVE was and is. :)

  11. Achi Fran, I wanna join too :)

    I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Katipunan and I remember meeting there with groupmates and classmates, and dragging orgmates there to buy coffee to help me get a starbucks planner. Haha!

  12. Hi! Posted my entry on your wall.

    Marizen Villamora

  13. love your entries!! don't forget to leave your name and your email address!! :)


  14. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in "Starbucks Dream" and I've been there every single day of my life. I am living here in Mindanao and deprived of the opportunity to go to any starbucks location, but I know Starbucks and it has been my daily vocabulary, but because we don't have it here in our area, I just visit in my dream. I am happy when I always think being in Starbucks. I love the people and the coffee. The best thing about Starbuck Dream is that, I can get what I want without paying anything.

    Shirgie Fulgencio

  15. My 3rd place is in Starbucks Subic. It's no secret that it's the only Starbucks here in Subic but what made it special was the time when I had reunited with my High School friends recently. Though it was a very short meeting, we were able to catch up with what we've missed through the years over a cup of our fave coffee.

  16. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks 6750. This was where I got my daily coffee fix when I was still working waaayyyy back in '98 - convenient for me because our office was in the same building. Nowadays, Starbucks 6750 is where my son and I wait for my husband to pick us up after our long and tiring lakwatcha day =) The staff there are very friendly and efficient. Waiting doesn't seem as bad when you have good food and a great place to do it.

  17. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! My 3rd place is in Starbucks RCBC. When my husband was then a boyfriend, that's where I'd wait for him during afternoons when I'm free. We used to attend mass at the chapel, have lunch together after, then I'd sit at Starbucks to wait for him to finish work. It became a routine and I ordered my fave -- Green Tea Frap, read a book, or play games on my Gameboy Advance (yes, it was that long ago!) ;-)

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  19. I want to win a Starbucks Planner!
    My 3rd place is in Starbucks Petron Katipunan where I usually have my pick-me-upper after dropping off my 4 year old son to school. After fetching him, we don’t head home yet – we drop by his favorite “coffee shop” where he lines up and orders apple fritters and chocolate cream frappucino. As we settle in the comfy seats, we talk about how his day was, and everytime I look at him devouring his snack with chubby fingers, sipping his drink noisily and gleefully, I breathed a prayer of thanks for Life, for Love, for Starbucks.

    Pam Garcia

  20. My Starbucks 3rd Place is Starbucks Robinsons Place. When I was still in college, that's where I always went to study. It's a very cozy place and the baristas were always friendly and would sometimes hand me some tasting cups so I could try their new products. :P Since then, the place has gotten bigger and was remodeled, along with the rest of the Pedro Gil wing of Robinson's Place, but it's no less charming and inviting than when I used to spend hours studying there.

  21. i want to win a starbucks 2011 planner.
    my starbucks 3rd place is starbucks rcbc plaza, cozy and just a stone's throw away from my former workplace, where i spent some lazy afternoon with having a lunchdate with the boyfriend before i head off to work or pass the time away in animated conversations with my friends

  22. I want to win a starbucks planner!- My 3rd place is Starbucks, Bluewave Marquinton in Marikina. This is the branch were my baby had her 1st starbucks experience. If we would like to have bonding time we usually go to this place. Sometimes we have small reunions with my hs friends here. It just like another home for us.

    ( i also send this entry in your facebook account the one with picture)

    Name: Geejay F. Nepomuceno
    email add: geejay.gj@gmail.com

  23. My Starbucks 3rd Place is Starbucks Pacific Star in Buendia. Since my colleagues in the corporate world hold offices near the area this is where we meet and let the beverages and pastries of Starbucks remove our stress at the workplace so this where we reload our energies for next day work and challenges in the corporate world. My friends within Makati Central Business do reach out at this branch since the baristas are all accommodating.

  24. hi franny!

    forgot to log my details

    Name: Feigh Maniago
    Email: feighmaniago@gmail.com


  25. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Sm Clark.. a place where me and my best buddies spend our "me time" together. It made us relaxed and pampered as well. A perfect bonding place for us.

    rose concepcion

  26. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Tagaytay. Back in December last year, we were in Tagaytay and I forgot to bring my coat. The chilly night made my body shaking and my hands numb. Good thing there was Starbucks Coffee that made me feel warm and made me stand the cold weather for hours outside or else I wouldn't have enjoyed the whole place. Starbucks Tagaytay is the perfect branch for me =)

    michelle ame

  27. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Market! Market! Indeed it holds special memories for me, for it is in that Starbucks branch that I get to reveal to two of my closest friends the biggest surprise and turning point of my life -- being pregnant with my first baby! They had to sip on their frappes to calm their nerves! Haha What can I say, the news was really unexpected. ;)

    That branch too is were my other close friend get to meet and do our gabfest. And when I mean gabfest, it's the kind of talking that lasts for hours! Every time we did that, we can't remember the hours passed by. We only stop when we realize that our frappes had gotten warm or our glasses are empty already!


  28. Karen Ann Phoa

    hi fran (or Mrs. Ang...hehehe) i'm not usually lucky with these kind of stuff but might as well try. Oh and by the way, i love reading your blogs. I've already tried some of the restos you've a blog entry for. Keep it up.

    My 3rd home/fave starbucks place is Starbucks RCBC plaza in Makati. This branch is so private that you can just sit in a couch and enjoy your coffee, unmindful of the people around you. I usually hang out there while killing time. But even if I have companions, we feel so at home and really enjoy the atmosphere. Whether my coffee's "for here" or "to go", this is definitely my place to be! =)

  29. I want to win a Starbucks Planner!
    My 3rd place is in Starbucks Southmall Las Pinas because it's very cozy. My family and I loved to visit the place. The crews were so approachable and friendly.

    shirley lim

  30. starbucks 6750 for me. this is where me and my fellow MSPs go to after having our meeting or attending an event. :) oh, this is where i got my starbucks planner too!


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  32. Armilyn Marcelino

    My 3rd home/fave starbucks place is Starbucks Congressional. I became very comfortable and at ease with the staff and crowd because I had an experience before when my car had engine trouble when I was about to leave the place. Some people left their comfortable seats and set their coffee aside just to help me. They were very sincere and happy to help. Since then, I feel secured staying there knowing that the staff and the people there are always ready and happy to lend a hand on such situations.

  33. I want to win a Starbucks Planner for my forgetful wife! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Quezon Ave-EDSA (near BPI/Hi-Top Grocery) and we drop-by on our way home together with our officemates as we talk anything under the sun especially relationship matters.

    erick martin

  34. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks 6750 and its my favrit place to meet people - whether office-related or with family and friends. good coffee and good company makes for a great day.

    Agnes Espino

  35. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! -
    My 3rd place is in Starbucks Sta. Mesa QC.
    This is very romantic and memorable for Me and my hubby because this is our long years of being together all alone in cool and quiet place, zipping a frappucino green tea. Because of this frappucino green tea we keep on coming back and wanting more to drink and take a break. It's also right timint the HSBC card gives a promo of free starbucks of spending 2k of the credit card this makes me loyal and keep on going to this coffee shop.

    Elizabeth Tan

  36. My 3rd place is in Starbucks Insular Life (corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati City).

    This place has been my quick escape from the stress of my job that requires constant updates and non-stop analyzing. The service is quick and efficient, the baristas all accommodating & with pleasant smiles on their face. I also love the serenity of my favorite spot there. You can see the hurried steps of the people outside yet there's a calmness that settles within me while I sip my favorite frappuccino. It feels like in a different world.

    Sometimes, I think we all ought to slow down for a bit and enjoy the trivial things around us. :)

    Ivy MC
    LaBellaVita.Ivy (at)w gmail (dot) com

  37. It would have to be Starbucks Katipunan, for me. There a special part of my heart will remain, because through many a get-together, I finally found my soulmate. I can't forget our first time: when we went through the doors, revealing an interior that comforted as well as, through its many shades of corporeal brown, enlivened; when he ordered chocolate cream chips for us both, and specified that I get the 24 oz (I formerly expressed fondness for this particular cold drink) as to his "modest" grande, which the lady at the back of the counter sweetly took note of; when it seemed like it's just the two of us amidst the flurry of Atenean turn-out, tucked at a cozy corner, sipping our orders to each of our own heart's content; and when he caressed my pinkie, while the rest of my hand precariously held on, around, the frap, for fear of spillage to the table of wood, well-wiped and kept by the waiters (quite a pitying thought, if you had asked me; the varnish reflected every moment).

    It's already more than a year now and I can't thank Starbucks enough for playing a part in the kindling of two then-lonely souls.

    (I thought, if I am to be chosen, that I would present the planner as a surprise gift. I think, he's unaware that I note of his collecting stickers - a pity he says, because he's still on his 5th. If not, well, those Starbucks visits can't wait any longer.)

    By: Chris Cimatu

  38. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! My 3rd place is in Starbucks Subic.
    It's always been me , my kids and my friends favorite place to hang out everytime we have that spare time and want to spend an afternoon together.
    It a cozy place, u can see there new people visiting Subic and people who lives around the City.
    Courteous staff always there to greet you every time you come in.
    Those comfy couch are the best.
    I have a lot of fond memories there. And truly I can say that It's my 3rd place.
    I love the wood! :)

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  39. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Binondo. It's overlooking Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz, it's quiet in there amist the bustling Divisoria shoppers. And it's just a few minutes walk from my house.

  40. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Binondo. It's overlooking Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz, it's quiet in there amist the bustling Divisoria shoppers. And it's just a few minutes walk from my house.
    December 3, 2010 8:30 AM

    abigail ong abiboy514@yahoo.com

  41. My Starbucks 3rd place is in e.rodriguez sr. QC

    It's where I feel at home and believe it or not, i can be more productive working there than at home or office.

    friendly baristas. cozy ambiance. superb coffee.

  42. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Glorietta 4. I specially enjoy the time I have in Glorietta 4 on Sunday mornings before and after church. I really love the ambiance of the place and the smiling faces of the barista especially. I really like the crowd in that place during the weekends. Working on projects is not a problem on that place. Comfy sofas and table are available for me to put on my laptop. Glorietta 4 has the best location for coffee shop. Stopping for a quick sip of coffee after watching a good film or long shopping is a good thing as well. I also use that shop to meet with my friends. Its already been a landmark for me. A third home for me.

  43. Blitz Macalma said...

    I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Glorietta (in front of G4 Cinema).

    I just love this branch in Glorietta as its the one i think that is nearest to a Cinema. Just before waiting for your Movie to start after buying the tickets, you can easily drop by Starbucks and grab a Tall glass of my favorite Mocha Frappe with MINT! Thinking of it makes me want to fly to the nearest starbucks branch right now haha.

    Next thing to love about this branch is that its literally right next to Timezone! So after a tiring day of playing games and having fun, what better way to freshen up by dropping at starbucks and grab a tall glass of ice cold Green Tea!

    Blitz Macalma
    blitz.macalma of gmail

  44. Nice contest! I think I won't be able to complete the stickers so I really really want to win a Starbucks Planner!

    My third place is Starbucks Megamall (atrium). It's where I first met my current boyfriend way back August 25, 2007 and we're still together. Yay! 3 years and still counting. See, it's that memorable! I ordered my then favorite Vanilla Frappe and won another frappe that day. Lucky, yes. The receipt that pops out indicated that I just won! It becomes my favorite ever since. Every August 25th of the year, we visit that Starbucks and sit on our favorite couch. We relive our first meeting this way. If not on the exact date, we ensure to drop by there. We even wore the same clothes we're wearing when we first met on one of our visits! Haha. And whenever when we are in Megamall, we don't let it pass without experiencing Starbucks!

    Actually, all branches of Starbucks coffee shop ranks best among other coffee shops out there but this spot in Megamall remains our favorite.

    - liezl)7m5(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

  45. my 3RD place will have to be STARBUCKS ATC. :)

    i still remember my first visit was when i started working in alabang. early monday morning, my husband (my boyfriend then) came from a weekend in tagaytay and we dropped by ATC starbucks for coffee before going to work. the place is just cozy and the people are warm. this has been my go-to-coffee-place since then.

    thinking about it now, i have lots of memories there. :) i'll share them here. and hope i can win one planner. yay!

    catherine patricio

  46. I want to win a Starbucks planner! =)My 3rd place is in Starbucks Corinthian Hills :) Not only with its "alfresco feel" and nice view of city lights during night time, but this Starbucks is where my boyfriend confessed that he loves me and dropped the 3 magic words " I love you" way back our courtship days :) This Starbucks Corinthian hills will always be one of my happy place :)
    -Michelle Aguda

  47. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Bluewave Marquinton. It is my perfect comfort zone. Located a stone's throw away from where I am working, it serves as my confort zone during stressful situations in my work.I worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and in shifts, and when I needed to get a space for a while, and needed to think and calm my self, I just go there and de stress.Plus the staffs are really nice..I feel close to home..
    Hope to win one of the planners!

    Min Viloria

  48. I want to win a Starbucks Planner!
    My 3rd place is in Starbucks @ The Podium. This I usually take my coffee when I'm here at work In ADB. I hope I win this one. Thanks in advance!

    Clyde A. Gabriel

  49. I want to win a Starbucks Planner!
    My 3rd place is in Starbucks Ash Creek~ I love it there because for me that branch is a mixture of so many different people and things put into a quaint place. It is not too big that it is too noisy, but it is also not too small as to feel isolated.

    I love Starbucks Ash Creek because I've been going there since I was a high school student. Many fond memories of after-school activities, like meeting up with friends or just hanging out, were spent there. Even as a college student, Starbucks Ash Creek was a place I could spend some time studying in. Because of its close location to my house, it's an ideal place to try to get work done (as long as the high school crowd is not yet there). On the weekends, it's a great place to hang-out with friends from around the area.

    I love how Starbucks Ash Creek is just right. Especially during holidays, it's easy enough to get to when one wants a quick drink or snack. Surely, as long as it's not rush hour, there will always be a spot available.

    Starbucks Ash Creek for me is a branch that fits most any people at any time of the day. Students, people who are working, people who are just leisurely taking a drink, family members, people exercising around the area, etc, it's for everyone who wants to enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious snack.

    Christa Uymatiao

  50. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place would be in Starbucks Convergys near St. Peter's Church. I love this place because the place is perfect for unwinding after a long day paired with a good book in my hand :)

    I remember I used to review in that place.Carrying a big backpack and books in my hand, I then walk from Ever Commonwealth to Starbucks. I usually pass by the Church first then to my favorite haven. And because there are also other people reviewing in the coffee shop, the ambiance makes it more conducive to reading. but the most happy part of it would be drinking a cold mocha frappe and eating a cinnamon swirl to keep me going :)

    sheryl ann aquino

  51. My 3rd place is in Starbucks SM Sucat - wherein meet and greet with my friends I haven't seen for a while. I miss the bonding time and at the same time sipping with your favorite coffee!!


  52. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Tomas Morato and that is where my ex and I used to hang out after work. Somehow, we be came too comfortable to that place that we usually don't get to notice how long we've been staying there.

  53. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Tomas Morato and that is where my ex and I used to hang out after work. Somehow, we be came too comfortable to that place that we usually don't get to notice how long we've been staying there.


  54. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! -
    My 3rd place is in Starbucks ATC

    My friends and I hangout here a lot! this is where we share a good laugh and catch things up. We have lots of memories shared in this very place which makes it my third place. It is usually crowded but that's never a problem for us the staff is friendly enough to assist us. This is also the brach where I bought my first starbucks coffee and I guess that's what also makes this place special =)

    Dianne Cruz

  55. I want to win the starbucks planner! My 3rd place is in Starbucks Missouri. I spend most of my time there reading for my psychology classes and law classes back in college. With the help of this place, I passed all my subjects. :)



  56. My Third Place is definitely Starbucks Katipunan, the one beside Cantina.

    I love the ambience and the nice baristas there. I also get the chance to check out cute guys.

    P.S. that's where I met my current boyfriend, Julz the bookworm hehe!

    I hope I win the contest. Thanks!

    Paula Magbojos

  57. Hi Achi Fran! :)

    I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Katipunan and I remember always meeting with my thesis partner there to write our thesis. I also remember just hanging out there whenever my friends and I would be in the mood to "drink coffee and hang out" :)

    I hope I win! :D


  58. hi fran! happy monday morning. it's me again! so you know already that my 3rd place is STARBUCKS ATC. :)

    anyway, i just want to tell you one of my many memories there. when my girl friend (college dormate) arrived from singapore after more than 2 years of wroking there, after dinner, we had coffee at starbucks ATC and stayed there for more than 3hours just cathcing up on everyone. :) there's 4 of us!! we didn't even realize it's almost 12am and one of them is going home to makati. haha. ;)

    catherine patricio

  59. My girlfriend and I have been to different Starbucks Stores here in Manila. If we will shop in any malls or just simply hang-out, we make it a point that before we call it a day, we would spend a couple of hours just zipping a Mocha Frappe and exchanging views. Indeed, Starbucks Stores is the 3rd Best place in our life. Yes our homes and our offices occupy the top two spots in the best place category. But those two places can sometimes be stressful. And what my girlfriend and I consider to be the 3rd best place always ends up as the best place to stay. There is an instance before, and our relationship is not that deep, we always have some misunderstanding and arguments. We always end up going home on our separate ways. But since I want to relieve some tensions before I go home, I always drop by at Starbucks 6750 @ Ayala. I am surprised to see my girlfriend there all alone and having a Frap. We talked and patched things up. Since then, whenever we have a misunderstanding or whenever we have an argument we always end up seeing @ Starbucks 6750 and have a sweet way home together. Now, Starbucks 6750 is not just the 3rd best in our life because of coffee, it also acts now as a good wedding planner for me and my girlfriend. So we will be needing your planner to arrange all the dates for us to have a great marriage.

    Merry Christmas and we will still be your loyal customer.

    Alfonso George Zapanta

  60. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Valero and I have several moments that I can recall.

    This Starbucks is near my office and my home so I would drop by quite often sometimes to get a drink to wake me up in the afternoon or in the evening with my son.

    The staff would suggest drinks to me or stuff to add in my drinks. They would also always ask me how my son is and when I bring him in they all coo over him.

    Starbucks Valero really became the third place for me.

    e-mail: vodka8 [@] yahoo.com

  61. I want to win a Starbucks Planner!- My 3rd place is Starbucks Araneta Center. It's near our place and it's where my family and I would relax after combing the shops in Gateway or after grocery shopping. One unforgettable visit was when my brother asked my sister and I to wait for him there as he will meet us there after his office party. He said he'd be there about 10pm or 11 at the latest. Sadly he stood us up and couldn't be reached on the phone the whole time!We stayed til the store closed at 2am still hoping he'd show up but he didn't. The staff were all so gracious even if we just nursed a drink each for almost 5 hours! -arra


  62. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Leviste in the Makati CBD. It was where my friends and I used to hang out a lot after work. My wife (then my girlfriend) loved the quiet place way before we got married. Now we want to bring our children there so we can share the coffee and the place with them. =)

    Earl Cuesta

  63. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks West Ave. (Westlife). It was where my boyfriend and I had our first official date. It is also where he proposed to me with the help of a Starbucks barista and my favorite Belgian waffle and officially became my fiance. :)


  64. hey fran!! its me again
    (3rd place - STARBUCKS ATC)

    can i share another fave starbucks moment? hehe. there was one time when i was so bored in the office, around 10am, i told 1 of our sales rep if i can join him in a meeting with one of our customers. he agreed and since he's coming from mandaluyong i told him that he can just pick me up @ starbucks ATC. so i just left a note on my table, "out. meeting with client." i was maybe sitting there for about 30mins enjoying my white choco mocha, when my boss came in. he was surprised to see me there because he wasn't in the office when i left. haha. i told him im going with a sales rep on a meeting with a client because they requested for me. crap! haha. good thing he left immediately after getting his coffee. :)

    catherine patricio

  65. Sorry, I just realized I did not include my name and email address on my Dec 2, 2010 9:01AM entry:

    Tina Artiaga


  66. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! My 3rd place is Starbucks Baguio. Nothing beats the aroma of a cup of caffe latté or the coldness of a caramel frappé, and the cold breeze brushing your face with the smell of the pines. What's more amazing is that it has become a meeting place for my high school friends every semestral break. Starbucks Baguio has also become a place where we, as a family, can just sit and talk after hours of strolling in the mall.

    Tin Mamuyac

  67. I want to win a 2011 Starbucks planner. For some reason, I feel the need to keep track of what will be happening this coming year. I don't want just any other planner though, it has to be a Starbucks planner since Starbucks holds many of my fondest memories particularly the Starbucks branch in Madrigal near Ayala Alabang Village. It has been yes, my 3rd place for the past years now. It is where my husband and I go to after dinner when we want to spend some quiet time alone, not really feeling the need to talk but to just be together...where my daughter and I spend many afternoons talking about college and enjoying cups of coffee as I listen to her go over her plans for the future...where me and my girlfriends go to when we just want to talk about anything and everything, and when we feel the need to laugh our stress and troubles away. The couch on the far side of the second floor which has been for the longest time my own little corner, the smell of a fresh pot of brewed coffee that never fails to stir up of images of home, the staff who are most often kind enough to assist anybody all give me that wonderful feeling of belongingness that I make it a point to drop by there twice or thrice a week to enjoy a nice cup or two by myself or with my loved ones. :)

    Fe G. Diño

  68. my 3rd place is Starbucks in Marquinton, BlueWave. It has been a place where friends and I have shared rants and raves and memories through the years.s

  69. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Banawe. I always go to this haven whenever I crave for green tea latte. I've tried lots of green tea lattes but Starbucks is the best! Be it served hot or frappucino! Starbucks will forever be my go to whenever I want to relax :) Not only could I enjoy a variety of pastries, coffees and teas but also their free wifi. Ain't that neat? :)

    Jessica Gotamco

  70. hey fran, happy friday!
    (3rd place - STARBUCKS ATC)

    this is probably one of the best stories i've got. last year, before christmas vacation my friend (who was a law student in SanBeda) asked me to have breakfast with her in starbucks ATC. after the bfast, she went back to the counter and i saw a barista handed her a 2010 starbucks planner. i was so "inggit" because my card is still half empty. :( to my surprise, she gave me the planner and said "merry christmas dear!" awwww. i was so touched. now i realized that i miss her. she now stays in QC after taking the bar exam.

    catherine patricio

  71. I want to win a Starbucks planner because I need that so I can better oganize the busy schedule that I probaly would be having this coming year, what with our second baby coming this April, the different activities that my toddler will be engaging in and the many other etceteras that come with being a mom and wife.

    My third place is definitely Starbucks Filinvest. I go there every Saturday, after doing my "one thousand and one" tasks such as paying bills, running errands and doing the grocery shopping,as a treat to myself. It is a bustling place full of warm, welcoming staff and the most friendly customers around. I go there to recharge after the exhaustion that being in a busy mall can bring. Usually, a tall cold cup of frap would do the trick and if I feel extra kind to myself, I throw in a slice of oreo cheesecake too.:)

    Abby Balasia

  72. Winning this Starbucks planner will make my new year a blast! aside from getting a reward, my life will be managed well if i have this(another good thing is that, i won't have to spend a dime! lol)

    My third place for me is Starbucks Banawe. Aside from it is very close to our home, the place is so comfy that you sleep/relax/unwind there. The place is also a plus because it is near with a lot of restos. Le Ching, Causeway, Terriyaki Boy, King Chef and others. If you just had dinner with one of those resto and want something hot to drink, no question asked, Starbucks is the place to go. Well, i myself does that when we eat out. Hope to see my planner soon :)

    Marc Eballa

  73. i want to win a starbucks planner..

    My 3rd place is in STARBUCKS IMPERIAL, T.Morato... the theme for starbucks planner this year says "a story for every cup"... Starbucks imperial is not just a place for me but a home of refuge. i remember doing my counseling internship talking to young victims of abuse and some young women living among the slums. Well, every counselor needs their own healing. After every counseling session, i head to this starbucks home and write in my journal the stories i've had during the day...in one corner, i even cry. This relieves me and refrains me from over burdening myself with my counselees stories. The manager & staff in this home knows me and accommodates me well, talking to me using first names and they even ask what i do in life and they are amazed with my stories! Each cup i drink here represents the many young & adult women being abused in their own worlds... but a cup of cafe americano + a good starbucks home + wonderful crew equals a gift from God that helps me in revitalizing myself and try in my own way to be a vessel in these women's healing. Definitely, starbucks has been a part of my meaningful life.With joys & pains...a cup of starbucks in my 3rd home (imperial) has a very good story in it.

    Abigail Santos

  74. We had our first date in Starbucks Northeast Greenhills, our 3rd place! I didn't like him at first but he was very persistent and incredibly patient with me. It's difficult because he works Monday to Friday at least 3 hours from Manila but there has never been a weekend that we have not gone out. Whenever we want to have dessert, we often go to our 3rd place.. It has now been a year since that first date and we are now a couple. Nowadays, whenever we want to get our coffee fix, we say "lets go have dessert at OUR Starbucks".

  75. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Banawe. The baristas there are all smiles and friendly! I usually go to Starbucks to drink and unwind. BUT another reason that I go there is to be amused! that's right! I observe the people be it when they're chatting or eating, etc. One day, I ordered my usual frappucino and I saw this cute kid (boy) who's given a Starbucks doughnut by his grandfather. His face when he saw the doughnut was really PRICELESS!! The look that he had was like he was given a million dollars. He ate the doughnut with his two hands and you could see that he really is savoring every bite. That incident for me is very memorable. It made me realize a lot of things: (1)that we could enjoy ourselves even with the simple things in life. (2) grandfather and grandson bonding together...that scene was really heartwarming. Spend more time with your loved ones and (3) kids really give you happiness and laughter! Not only is the frappucino and service great but also the realizations that come with every visit to Starbucks! :)

    Jessica Gotamco

  76. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Trinoma Rooftop. One of the main reasons why I chose that place because it is memorable, I tasted the first frappe of my life there. When I was in high school, my best friends pulled me in to SB's branch at trinoma. I was so hesitant cause that's the first time I went there and I always thought it would be so expensive for a coffee and it's somewhere that only rich people would normally go & hang out too. I was surprised that staffs there were very accommodating & friendly. And frappe's not like 400-500ish at all, in fact we could get coffee around 100+ bucks too. And then my perception about Starbucks had changed. Next thing, my best friends and I spent little of our time on my birthday there, chatted and took photos (yeah we are sentimental; we always took photos of those things we ate together). Here’s two: (1) http://i51.tinypic.com/s5dcm9.jpg (2) http://i55.tinypic.com/23upf1s.jpg I realized that the exact location of the SB branch is perfect, the bi-level hectare of rt gardens and then the water features are just too perfect for a coffee 'cause of its good ambiance. So for celebrating every birthday, I just felt the need to go there to spent it, relax, enjoy the mood & of course have something on Starbuck’s menu.

    Michiko Fujita

  77. its monday again! and im still on weekend mode. :)
    (3rd place - starbucks ATC!)

    this place had also been my after-movie-still-doens't-want-to-go-home-let's-hang-out-first "tambay place". it may be a movie with my husband, my girl friends and even my little sister. you know, to discuss the movie and the parts i didn't understand most. *wink* haha. when my kid sister and i saw 1 harry potter (the 5th installment, which title i don't remember because it's her fave movie, not mine), i treated her for coffee after. then asked her to manny scenes in the movie i didn't fully grasp. :) at the end of the night, she told me that maybe we should just see it again. haha.

    ang dami kong stories, promise!! :p

    catherine patricio

  78. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks 6750 because aside from the relaxing ambiance, I got my very first SB planner here:)

    -Jaynie Cabrera

  79. hey fran! this is katiyay again! :)

    starbucks ATC is definitely my 3rd place because i can spend hours and hours there. even if im alone. i can read a book, a magazine; daydream (hahaha); watch people come and go (haha, i have that habit, i call it "people watching") especially in ATC (i love checking out women's bags). actually, even if do nothing and just sit there all by myself. though i always want to make sure i sit in a couch, *wink* where i feel most comfortable. ;)

    11days before christmas! yay!

    catheriner patricio

  80. Ma. Angelica MendozaDecember 15, 2010 at 3:26 PM

    I want the 2011 planner... pretty please!

    My 3rd place would be at Starbucks Madrigal, Alabang. I like it there because it a nice and quiet place to stay for hours and i don't mind going there alone or in groups. And the taste was different from others, just the right amount of everything and perfect consistency that's why I keep on coming back there. Honestly any Starbucks store would do but they are my favorite location. One more thing, I hope that Toffee nut would be a regular on the menu, i so like that very much.

  81. Oh the things a 15-year old wannabe artist/writer can do with this Starbucks planner! I'd surely go crazy once I own this! My 3rd place would be at Starbucks Glorietta. It was there after all that I had my first taste of Starbucks while vacationing in Manila for the first time as a teenager. Such great time I had bonding with my family over coffee and laughter. Simply unforgettable!

    Dominique R. Costales

  82. last 4 days of this promo! :)

    coffee and friends are the perfect combination. one afternoon, a few years back, my friend and i had the longest chat ever. we've not seen each other for years and when we got the chance to finally meet up, i told her we can have coffee at starbucks ATC since she lives around the area. i was so surprise at how independent she became coming from a very "mahinhin" at "di makabasag pinggan" image back then. we talked about our pasts, present, and our plans for our future. we must have looked fool for laughing all day long till we got hungry and grab our dinner somewhere else. :) definitely, starbucks ATC is my 3rd place.

    catherine patricio

  83. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Bonifacio High Street - Fully Booked branch. It is where I would usually spend a much-needed quiet time and just enjoy the company of myself. Whenever my hubby would have a scheduled night out with his friends after work, this is where I would request him to drop me off. While he would be having some time with his friends, I, on the other hand, would be sipping my favorite Mocha frap partnered with any sweet treat from their display counter or whatever I fancy that moment. My perfect spot would be in that corner beside the glass panel overlooking Serendra. I oftentimes would browse over some magazines or just write whatever thoughts that come to mind on my mini doodle book, more of like a mini diary (i'm an old soul that way).

    This is also my favorte branch because this is where my daughters and I would usually spend some weekend bonding moments. After spedning an hour or 2 at the kids' section of Fully Booked just browsing over some books, we would just go up and have coffee here (or milk-based frap drink for them) and just relax and exchange stories. I get to know my daughters a little bit more this way.

    Vivian Aguilar

  84. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Trinoma @ the 3/F for 3 reasons: One, it is the closest to my school during that time. Two, my friends and my special someone love to hang-out in that place for almost four years and three, that branch is where me and my buddy had our first ever Starbucks coffee. The cold temperature(not to mention the rain) didn't stop us from getting ourselves a frappuccino. :)

    Mary Rome Castillo

  85. I wanna join also! :) my starbucks 3rd place is definitely STARBUCKS LIBIS. I've spent many many long afternoons and evenings there studying for the medicine boards ALONE. One time, a friend joined me out of the blue. The starbucks manong guard suddenly approached me and said "Sir! buti naman po sinamahan nyo sha, parati na lang sha mag isa eh" EEK! buti na lang hindi sha date or I'd be super pahiya. :) merry christmas!!

    ella salazar

  86. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks SM North EDSA.
    This is a place I would never forget throughout my life. It’s been a year since I saw the daddy of my daughter. I had a chance to visit Manila and the chance to meet him again. Our relationship was on the rocks since he left Bukidnon (a province in Mindanao). It was there @ Starbucks where we forgot about everything that happened between us. He gave me the ring he kept the whole year and right there and then, he proposed to me. :)

    During my visit @ Manila, Starbucks SM North EDSA was our rendezvous. It was the nicest place to chill while waiting for him from his work in Bulacan. And when he arrived, it was the perfect moment to talk about our daughter and our wedding plans.

    EMAIL: lai_nice18@yahoo.com

  87. i was browsing through my phone and camera pictures when i saw a picture of me @ starbucks ATC sometime in january of this year. my husband (my bf back then) surprised me with a new camera. it was a post bday/christmas gift. haha. we had dinner @ fridays, that is where he handed me his gift. then we had coffee afterwards. i used the GC's given to me by a friend after i hosted their wedding party. haha. the first few shots in camera was actually pictures of me and him @ starbucks ATC. ;) this is definitely one of the reasons why this is my 3rd place.

    catherine patricio

  88. hi fran! yay! last day tomorrow!! haha. ngarag na ko ngayun, because today is my last day at work! then xmas break na finally!! i will blog about all my starbucks photos and will put the link here. :)

  89. last day tomorrow guys!! :) dont forget to send in your entries!! :)

  90. My 3rd place is Starbucks TriNoma, my daughter and I love being there, it's the only place where we bond the most and I think it's the place that we look forward to everyday.

    -Edna Reyes

  91. I want to win a Starbucks Planner!! sobrang obvious na ba? ;) my 3rd place is Starbucks ATC. :)


    merry christmas fran! :)

    catherine patricio

  92. hi fran,

    here's wishing you and your blog more yummy posts next year and lots of prizes such as these to offer. merry christmas to you and paul! =)

    PS : i'm not sending my entry for i already got my 2010 starbucks planner malaysian edition. good luck to those who joined!

  93. I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks SM North Edsa. It is the one in the Sky Garden. This is where I had my first Frappe with my friend. Since then, this store has been my number one Starbucks store. And also, being the Starbucks store (aside from trinoma's Starbucks) nearest to our home, this is the place where me and my sister buy coffee to collect stickers (for planner) for her.

    -Querubin Garcia III

  94. I really do wanted to win the Starbucks Planner! - Starbucks-SM San Lazaro is my third place. It is near my school and it is the first branch I had gone too. Every moment I visit it is memorable because most of the time I hang there alone and the baristas become my companion. I remember when one barista teased me that I am waiting for my soulmate in the cafe and everyone who heard it laughed. I just told them that if ever I found him there, I would definitely buy frappes everyday. It is like a second home for me because I could stay there for a long time and I could even chat with the crew even with Manong Sekyu. SB-SanLa is definitely the best. :)

  95. thank you very much for sending in your entries guys! In the next few days I will be reviewing each entry and will be announcing the winners by January!! :)


  96. Goodluck to whoever will win and thank you Fran for conducting such contest. :)



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