Weekend Eating at Mercato Centrale

We consider our weekend sacred... the only time when we can sleep longer and just relax while watching TV and lazing around the house. Thus, the only time we pull ourselves out of bed is when there's a work-related event scheduled or we're off to a really good weekend market that will make waking up early worth our while.

Welcome to the Mercato Centrale at BGC. We first heard the buzz about an upcoming weekend market from fellow blogger Anton's site where he mentioned about the newest developments at the Bonifacio Global City. Fast forward a couple of months after that, we found ourselves joining the crowd as we entered the first tent that houses a number of organic and healthy products that one cannot find elsewhere but at the Mercato Centrale.

Frannywanny with Mr. OAP

The brainchild of power couple Anton and Rache Diaz,  RJ Ledesma and Mommy Mundo, there are four areas in this action-packed weekend market.

Tent 1 is filled up with booths selling organic products from fresh produce to vegetarian sandwiches and spreads. Certain booths also have products that address certain needs such as low-salt for the hypertensive, no sugar for the diabetic and more. My first stop was at Ha Yuan which has been a childhood favorite. Owned by my high school friend Suzy Lee, I was able to have a bite of the Monk's Choice (Php. 55) which is your modernized cua pao filled with teriyaki tofu, roasted bell peppers, shiitake mushroom and drizzled with honey-peanut sauce. It's a delicious meat-less, guilt-less treat! I'm definitely going back for more! :)

I was also intrigued by this platter of crostinis topped with eggplant caviar. If our cook can only make eggplant taste this great then I'd be glad to have this anyday!

On the outside tent, my nose was treated to the delicious smell of grilled meats! Sausages selling like hot cakes, salty Cebu Lechon, meaty steamed burgers by Johnny Steams and a whole lot more!

What caught our attention was the deadly Krispy Kreme Burger! Thick burger patty sandwiched in between a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donut! It sure looks mouthwatering but Paul and I were too coward to give it a try. Maybe we should on our next visit.

It's a different experience shopping at the Mercato Centrale. I enjoyed trying walnuts from the shell! Watch out Chip and Dale! My first time to have almonds and walnuts that I have to crack open myself.

Tent 2, on the other hand, has a mix of gourmet and dessert booths. I saw Goodles happily serving delicious pasta to market-goers. A number of yogurt and ice cream brands can also be found here and home bakers showcasing their masterpieces for everyone to enjoy fill up the second tent.

While enjoying your meal, you'll surely have a great time people-watching too. Celebrities and food lovers would drive all the way to the Bonifacio Global City to enjoy everything that Mercato Centrale has to offer.

I can't wait to go back to Mercato Centrale next year!

*photos by: Paul Ang

Mercato Centrale resumes on January 8, 2011 and is open from 6AM - 12NN. It's located at the corner of the 30th street and 9th avenue, Bonifacio Global City. A huge parking lot is available beside it.

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