Hong Kong: Yeh Lam Kwok

Every minute spent in Hong Kong is precious. Sure, we had four days to enjoy this lovely city but with so much sights to see, restaurants to try and malls to visit, not even a week is enough to explore Hong Kong entirely.

We didn’t waste time indeed, from the moment our plane landed and having checked in at Cosmo Kowloon Hotel, we headed straight to Causeway Bay for lunch and shopping. We heard that Sogo was having a big sale and with that, I was determined to check the items out. Unfortunately we arrived in the afternoon – too late for the eager crowd. There was already a sea of shoppers making it unable for us to move around freely. After getting pushed and shoved at left and right, Paul and I left Sogo in less than two minutes.


We strolled around the area and admired the pretty displays outside WTC more. Causeway Bay is one of our favorite places to visit in Hong Kong. Together with Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon, these two areas are the counterparts of Singapore’s Orchard Road and Malaysia’s Bukit Bintang. Huge shopping malls line up the street and shoppers walk up and down the road looking for the nicest finds. Truly, the best way to explore Hong Kong is mostly by foot. You’d be surprise to come across amazing discoveries even in the smallest alleys.

After walking around Causeway Bay the entire afternoon, Paul and I agreed to call it a day and headed back to our hotel to freshen up before heading out again for dinner.


One thing that immediately endeared Cosmo Kowloon Hotel to us was its accessibility to practically anything. After resting for an hour or so, we walked out of our hotel and hand-in-hand crossed the busy street to look for a place to eat. There were quite a number of interesting restaurants that it made it difficult for me to take my pick. Finally, we chose Yeh Lam Kwok.

I guess what won us over is their set menu that is very reasonable! Paul got the Beef Fillet in Black Pepper set (HKD $39 slashed down from HKD $72) that comes with a glass of iced tea, soup and bread! I, on the other hand, went for the Grilled Lamb Chops set that was also served with a glass of iced tea, soup and bread.

Imagine us having a romantic, candle-lit dinner date on our first day in Hong Kong. Something we both didn’t expect at all.


Our soup was Cream of Mushroom which was delicious. It was a chilly night in Hong Kong and we both enjoyed slurping spoonfuls of warm soup to start our meal. After enjoying our bread and soup, out came Paul’s Beef Fillet in Black Pepper. He enjoyed slicing through the tender meat and noted that there was a thin piece of fat that gave the meat more flavor. His meal came with wedge potatoes which were crunchy and yummy. He also loved the sauce which he kept on dipping his meat, veggies and potatoes in.


On my side of the table, I was busy enjoying my lamb chops with buttered veggies and rice. I’ve been craving for lamb chops for quite some time and I’m glad to be able to have this in Hong Kong that evening. I love how tender and odor-free my lamb was. It came with a saucer of the same sauce that Paul loves but I hardly used it as I love how well seasoned my meat was. Needless to say, I enjoyed every bite and in no time, my plate was squeaky clean.

It was a relaxing evening, something the both of us have not had in quite a while. Nothing beats enjoying good food with the most important person in your life. A romantic date in busy Hong Kong, why not?!

Yeh Lam Kwok is located at the Ground Floor of the Tai Shing Building, 70-86 Ivy Street, Tai Kwok Tsui, Hong Kong. Click here for the complete list of branches.

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