Top 10 Food Spots in 2010

It has been a yearly tradition here in my blog that I have my year-ender list of things I'm thankful for. This year, I am thankful for more than a million things.. 2010 indeed was a really good year for love, in relationships and in my career. However, I'd like to give more focus to that one thing that has kept my year exciting, all 365 days round -- EATING.

It is because of my love for food and discovering amazing restaurants that I continue to blog and share these finds with you. It is also because of my interest in dining out that a group of new found friends called The Club was born.

The idea of coming up with my BEST food list was suggested by my dear friend and very loyal reader J. Therefore, J, this list is for you. Happy new year! :)

In no particular order, here are the top ten restaurants that has made my 2010 truly delicious!

My Top 10 Food Spots in 2010

1) Serenitea

Summer of 2010 began with my daily addiction for Serenitea's Hokkaido Milk Tea. I loved it so much that I have been a daily visitor of Serenitea for 2-3 months after that! It was my comfort drink as I was busy  preparing for my wedding. I tried to go on a Serenitea break only to break it the day before my engagement when I really needed a large cup of Hokkaido to calm my jumpy nerves.

2) Kikufuji

It's no secret how much I LOVE sushi and to have the best sushi and sashimi, we discovered Izakaya Kikufuji one Saturday lunch. We love their daily lunch set meals which is really a great value given that your main dish comes with soup, appetizers and dessert! It's also in Kikufuji where I had the best tasting uni sashimi! Yum!

3) Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Ortigas)

We love Singapore and whenever the craving for savory Cheezy French Toast and sweet Lemon Iced Tea hits, we know we have Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Ortigas to depend on. It's also a huge plus that the couple behind YKK Ortigas are good friends of ours, thus this has been one of our pit stops after running errands during the weekend.

4) 7 Corners 

I love hotel buffets but I fear of overeating and stuffing myself silly unnecessarily. When the invite to have our business lunch at 7 Corners came about, I carefully chose my dishes and I truly enjoyed the grilled lamb chops with mint jelly and I even got an endless supply of fresh uni too! Delicious buffet line-up indeed!

5) Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones, calling Mr. Jones
Till this day, I can still remember how delicious Mr Jones' Beef Tapa was. The tender and juicy meat, the fluffy egg, the garlicky rice and the sweet slice of orange. Thinking about it now is already enough to make my mouth water. Everything is delicious here in Mr Jones. From its milkshake to its wide array of sandwiches and appetizers to its main dishes like the Melted Crab and Dory Thermidor. It's my go-to place whenever I just want to sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious meal. *burp*

6) Eat Well

 I love Chinese food and despite have this in most meals here at home, I am always on a look out for delicious, affordable Chinese food whenever I crave for dimsum or a steaming bowl of noodles. Enter Eat Well Delicious Kitchen, I love its Yang Chow Fried Rice, Xiao Long Bao and a lot more! The best part is, I can have a mini Chinese feast without going hurting my wallet! :)

7) Balkan Express

I love my neighborhood. It's literally growing to be a food lovers haven with the best milk tea place, delicious hand-pulled noodles and just recently, a Balkan food stop that's really new to our taste buds. For one thing, I am not familiar about Balkan dishes and after visiting Balkan Express for the first time, I immediately fell in love with its Cevapcici which are finger-sized sausages that are so juicy and meaty and it goes well with a cup of rice and their homemade creamy sauce.

8) Lu

My friend T loves Lu and after two consecutive visits, I immediately understand why. I love the cozy ambiance matched with its wonderful service from its staff and the food was simply memorable. Here's the perfect place for a quiet lunch with friends. I enjoyed the Herb Crusted Lamb Spareribs with Couscous and the Lemon Glazed Yogurt Cheesecake is really something you shouldn't end your meal without. I love Lu! :)

9) Crystal Jade

Here's a story about falling for a restaurant through time or shall I say through my frequency of visits. I went back to Crystal Jade three times in the span of 6 days. My first visit was just a-ok. Nothing spectacular add to the fact that it was the night when their exhaust fan broke so I scampered out of the restaurant with painful teary eyes. A few days after, I gave it another try and I was happy. I enjoyed the Dan Dan Mien and its famous Xiao Long Bao. The third time, I was hooked! I went back simply for the noodles and soupy Xiao Long Bao once again! I'm glad that Crystal Jade is just within the neighborhood ready to satisfy my spicy peanut noodle craving anytime.

last but not the least...

10.HK Choi

This year was filled with enjoying a number of dishes and drinks that's close to my roots. I stayed a loyal fan of certain Chinese favorites such as Serenitea's milk tea, Eat Well and Crystal Jade's Xiao Long Baos and a lot more. HK Choi has immediately become a family's favorite with its delicious Chinese specialties such as their delicious Birthday Noodle, Fish and Tofu in Hotpot and my favorite, the Prawn Salad. I love it so much that I celebrated my birthday dinner here with my family. It's so good I won't mind going back when I blow out another candle next year!

There you go folks! My top ten food spots for 2010! Of course, as you all know, this year was truly special for me.

Let me share with you a couple of milestones and moments that has made my year simply amazing! 

My wedding day..the day I walked down the aisle towards the man of my dreams. Everything went as planned, every moment was just magical. I am thankful for my entire entourage, my suppliers and our family and friends who all made it to our special day. We love you! :) made it again!  
I was a finalist again in this year's Philippine Blog Awards and I got YOU (yes, the one reading this) to thank for. I never thought my blog would reach hundreds of people and based on certain analytics, it has went beyond the borders of the Philippines and out to certain areas in Asia, USA, Canada and believe it or not even the Middle East! (to all my overseas reader, Thank you!)

Travel bug in 2010
I only began to travel last July after our BIG day and I haven't stopped since. From three planned trips, my year ended with me visiting 6 amazing destinations -- Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Boracay, Baguio and Tagaytay! I thank the travel bug for biting me again this year and I look forward to more travel opportunities this 2011!! :) Bring it on!

Happy new year everyone and let's all welcome 2011 with a bang! :)

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