Meat Lovers Unite at Tender Bob's

A few months back when Paul and I were still busy preparing for our BIG day, we found ourselves at the Shangri-la Mall where we had an appointment with the Rustan's bridal registry where we were given the chance to choose a couple of lovely items that we would like to receive as gifts from our dear friends and relatives (big thanks to those who made our dreams come true by choosing the items on our list!). After going around Rustan's within the time allotted for us, Paul suddenly felt hungry and invited me to have an early dinner at Tender Bob's.

On rare occasions such as this, he suddenly had a craving for one big meaty burger. So off to Tender Bob's we went.

tender bob's

In every visit, we always get Tender Bob's Onion Rings (Php. 140). These are hug rings that are stack high on a wooden pole. I love the presentation and I love the rings even more. I prefer big chunky onion rings over the tiny ones and nothing beats dipping this into their homemade creamy sauce. Paul enjoyed this with his burger while I had it  as an appetizer.

tender bob's

Aside from onion rings, Paul and I also share our love for fried potato nibblers! From fries to potato skins, we enjoy munching on this while having our main dishes.  We got a platter of Potato Skins with Cheese Sauce. Of course I ended up pulling the saucer over to my side of the table as Paul prefers his potato skins with tomato ketchup. How I wish that they make the skins crunchier. Between this and the rings, we'd still choose the onion rings anyday.

tender bob's

Finally, the burger that Paul has been waiting for has arrived. He got the Basic Burger as he wants his sandwich minus the frills. In front of us we saw a huge burger patty with a piece of lettuce and tomato. If you were to ask me, I'd like mine with garlic cream sauce, mushroom or whatever that can be added to make the burger more interesting, but Paul is a simple guy and he wants his burger simple and straight-forward. He commented that the patty was very juicy and he was very happy with his choice.

tender bob's

I went for the US Beef Salpicao (Php. 360) which is one of their best-sellers. For years, I have been getting the Baked Chicken or Pasta but after surveying the tables around, I noticed that almost all had a plate of Salpicao as one of their entrees. To be honest, I was surprised that the cuts of their Salpicao is bigger than usual and it was served on a deep dish with dark sauce. Somehow reminds me of our local adobo only they use beef. The meat was tender but I would have preferred my Beef Salpicao to be dry with lots of garlic on top of it. The rice was also different. It tastes like an adobo rice and I feel that having garlic rice served with it would have been perfect. The dish was ok but it failed to reach my expectations.

Tender Bob's is located at the 6th floor (The Ledge) of the Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City. Call them at 638-7161.

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