Munch, Crunch at Chicken Charlie!

Friends who live in Quezon City has been telling me about this neighborhood store that sells delicious fried chicken wings and drumsticks. It's a pretty small store that they normally would just drop by on their way home from work to take away a box of freshly cooked chicken for their family to enjoy. Since then, I always have Chicken Charlie on my list of restaurants to try.

We got extremely busy and with the 30 minutes drive needed to get to Quezon City, it has been months since our friend's recommendation and we still have not visited Chicken Charlie.

Guess what?!

Chicken Charlie came to us instead! I was so excited when I saw a bright red board-up in front of what used to be a grillery along J. Abad Santos street here in San Juan one morning. It has the logo of Chicken Charlie and a huge sign that says "Coming Soon". Not long after, Chicken Charlie opened its second branch here in San Juan and I made sure to be one of the first customers to welcome them to this side of town.

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There's an ample number of tables available in this branch that makes dining in an easy option. I love the huge wall display featuring what makes Chicken Charlie so good.

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Ordering was easy, simply walk up to the counter and choose from the different combination listed on their menu. We went for the 4 Drumsticks + 4 Wings Combination (Php. 288). I was told that my order will be ready in 15 minutes. This combination comes with a serving of pickled radish. I wonder how good will this go with my chicken.

Chicken Charlie has WiFi available, it would be perfect to bring my laptop over and spend some time to blog while enjoying my chicken. I'll probably do that sometime.

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After 15 minutes, our box of chicken was ready! I was instructed to take it out of the plastic bag the moment I get to the car and to open the box to retain the crispiness of the skin. I was taught by Mr. Charlie himself!

Our ride home took less than 5 minutes and I can smell the delicious aroma of the chicken. I can't wait for dinner!

The moment I got home, I carefully opened the box and I was so happy to see that the cuts were huge! Sadly though, I think our server forgot to include the pickled radish in our plastic. I would have love to taste the radish mixed with my slice of chicken.

It's Munch Time!

photos 034

Finally, dinner was ready and the entire family excitedly gathered around the table. I was a bit hesitant though as my dad does not eat chicken. This was after his brain surgery where he couldn't stand the smell of chicken and the sight of dried blood on the bone. I carefully explained Chicken Charlie to him and to our surprise (and delight) he sliced himself a piece and took a bite. He gave a small nod and said if we buy chicken like this then he'd probably eat it. I was overjoyed! It has been a year since Papa has said no to chicken and that evening he enjoyed a piece of chicken drumstick! This is something new and we all made a mental note to head to Chicken Charlie more often whenever we're craving for fried chicken. For the first time, it got Papa's seal of approval. Hooray!

I love the crispy skin of the chicken. I normally would remove the skin but this one is too crispy to be discarded off the plate. I enjoyed the sweet-salty flavor of the sauce. It was pretty good that we all had an extra serving of rice each.

I'm glad that Chicken Charlie has came to San Juan! Now, the answer to sudden fried chicken craving is just a few minutes away.

Chicken Charlie is located along J. Abad Santos in San Juan City.

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