Hong Kong : Take a sweet bite at the Little Mermaid Bakery

In Hong Kong, there are only two main things you should not miss to do… to shop and to eat. While we were busy hitting our favorite shops all around Hong Kong, we also kept our eyes open for delicious finds as well.


Such was the case of these to-die-for Chocolate Sticky Donuts (HKD $7) from the Little Mermaid Bakery – I remember reading how much fellow food blogger Leslie enjoyed these delicious indulgent donuts during her trip to Hong Kong and I grabbed the opportunity upon finding it near City’Super at Harbour City on our second day in Hong Kong.


The case was almost empty and I was lucky to find the last clam-shell with four donuts sitting on the shelf. I grabbed it and quickly marched to the counter to make sure it will be truly mine. Paul was even telling me to ask if we can just get two as four donuts might be too much for us. I didn’t want to bother the sales clerk anymore and told him that we’ll eventually be able to finish it before heading back to Manila anyway.

Let’s just say… I was right.

choco donut

We had a piece of Chocolate Sticky Donut in between walking along Avenue of Stars and were both very surprise how delicious it was. The donut texture has a different texture that makes is very chewy and easy to bite into. The filling was oozing with delicious chocolate but it was thick enough not to slide through our fingers. It was a different experience, I tell you.

We agreed to keep the last two donuts for us to enjoy when we go back to the hotel that evening. Well, as a loving wife, I just gave up my share and happily watched my husband enjoyed the last two Chocolate Sticky Donuts, while resting our tired legs from all that walking.

Next time we find ourselves in Hong Kong, I am definitely loading up on this.

*photo credit: Paul Ang (choco donut)

Little Mermaid Bakery is located at the 3rd level of the Harbour City (near City’Super), Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

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