Yuletide Cheer


This Christmas, I truly had a hard time drawing up my Christmas list. Not because I suddenly won the Lotto (though I wish I did) and am abundant with material things but simply because I have found contentment and I simply couldn't ask for more.

I am lucky to be extra blessed this year... 2010 has been a great year for me..in my career, finding new friends and keeping the old, having not only one but two wonderful families and of course, I was blessed to be married to the man of my dreams, Paul.

Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, my Kuya Jess, who came to this world to save us from evil. Through the years, he has been there to by our guide.

Dear readers, 

This Christmas, I wish you and your family peace, love and unity. May we all welcome the new year with more optimism and openness in our hearts to have a raring 2011!!! Cheers!



  1. Merry Christmas to you, to Paul and to your family, Franny! :)

    PS: Pag nag Phil tour ang BSB w/ KOTB next year, watch ulit tayo ah! :)


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