BBQ Chicken in Pearl Drive

Last Friday, despite the strong winds and non-stop rain, The Foodie Club got together to throw a special cheese-themed despedida which we coined as CHEESEPEDIDA for our dear friend Chris who's leaving in a few weeks time.

Our plan was to throw a potluck dinner where everyone in the Club will bring a cheese-filled dish. Paul and I brought containers filled with our best-selling Pichi-Pichi with Cheese, Irene made her mouth-watering Quezo de Bola Cheesecake, Doña Joan prepared her signature Baked Macaroni with Cheese, Janey bought two types of pasta from Cibo, Didi (whom we miss dearly) sent over boxes of Pizza (with lots of cheese!), Tita Jane and Cara completed our meal with Cheese Ice Cream and Trixie and EQ brought bags of yummy chips with cheese!

You may have noticed that our line-up was filled with desserts and carbs, thus Irene and Richard offered to order from BBQ Chicken to fulfill our protein needs. I've been hearing about BBQ Chicken even when I was still working in Makati as I get to see their bright red store signage along Jupiter street. In my mind, I thought they were selling barbecue chicken as this is what BBQ normally stands for.

BBQ Chicken Pearl Drive

Well, I was wrong -- BBQ actually stands for Best of the Best Quality. It originated in Korea and have expanded to various countries around the world like Malaysia, Singapore, USA and of course, the Philippines.

Irene got packs of Rice Syrup Chicken and Royal Dduk Bokki which everyone loved. I personally enjoyed the Dduk Bokki the most. These are Korean Rice Cakes cooks in sweet soy sauce. The rice cakes were just so delicious but can be quite filling after having more than 5 pieces in one go.

BBQ Chicken Pearl Drive

I enjoyed both the chicken and the Royal Dduk Bokki so much that I was able to convince Mommy that we pass by BBQ Chicken in Pearl Drive on our way home from work. Arriving at Pearl Plaza, we quickly spotted the bright signage of BBQ Chicken at the 2nd floor and eagerly made our way up.

We were greeted by the friendly servers and the Korean owner as we entered the restaurant. Scanning the menu, I zeroed in on the Rice Syrup Chicken (Php. 320/8 pieces) and the Royal Dduk Bokki (Php. 195). It was exactly what Irene and Richard ordered for the Cheesepedida and since Paul and I enjoyed these two dishes, I figured that it's best to play safe instead of trying another type of chicken that we might end up not liking.

We had to wait for approximately 20 minutes for the chicken which I didn't mind because I was busy browsing through the internet as they offer Free WiFi.

BBQ Chicken Pearl Drive

These two dishes were truly worth the wait as I enjoyed the crispy sweet Rice Syrup Chicken. Irene was right when she said that it goes perfectly well with piping hot white rice. Try to catch the tiny crumbs and mix them into your rice...delicious! There's absolutely no need for additional dipping sauce for this chicken, I love that the coating is very thin and you can really taste the unique sweet-salty flavor.

BBQ Chicken Pearl Drive Royal Dduk Bokki

Moving on to my favorite dish, I can have the Royal Dduk Bokki for days! This is considered a snack dish for Koreans and I look forward to visiting Korea someday to have bowls and bowls of these delicious chewy rice cakes. They also have a spicy version but the server warned me that it's really spicy.

I'm glad that I can just easily drop by BBQ Chicken when I crave for more delicious fried chicken or rice cakes. However, for those living within the vicinity, you can also call them to have your meal delivered straight to your doorstep.

BBQ Chicken is located at the 2nd Floor 8101 Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For delivery requests, call them at 477-5487.

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