Delicious Kitchen in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

When they say that Hong Kong is the mecca for food lovers in Asia, they surely were not kidding as every corner and alley is filled with eateries and restaurants serving their respective delicious specialties.

After having a hearty congee breakfast at Da Shi Fu near our hotel, Paul and I headed to my favorite place in Hong Kong -- Tsim Sha Tsui. This is where I enjoy scouring the streets for more delicious finds and at the same time the place where we would always shop at our favorite outlet stores along Granville and more retail stores at Harbor City (hello Uniqlo!). I also enjoy staring at the beautiful Superstar cruise ship that docks at the Ocean Terminal and it's also here at TST where we would go to the Avenue of Stars at night to watch the display of lights and to visit the Jackie Chan souvenir store nearby.

Since our schedule was quite packed that day, we only felt hungry a little past 2PM and thus decided to look for a place to have lunch. I flew to Hong Kong prepared with a list of restaurants recommended by fellow bloggers Leslie and Richard who, I must say, are really good Hong Kong food guides

delicious kitchen

On top of my list is a restaurant that's said to be known for their Pork Rib Rice called Delicious Kitchen. This is located along a small street that's a stone's throw away from Harbor City. Note that we got to the restaurant half past two and there was still a lot of customers inside.

Sensing that we were tourists, the only server who knew how to speak some basic English was assigned to us. Luckily their menu was in English making it easy again for us to make the right choices.

delicious kitchen

First choice was the Double Pork Ribs with Vegetable Rice (HKD 48). This is similar to the famous Pork Rib Rice only it has double the quantity making it good for the two of us to share. In our minds, we were expecting something like the Porkchop Rice of our local Tasty Dumplings. I also had very low expectations for the Vegetable Rice thinking its just your ordinary steamed rice mixed with kuchay.

delicious kitchen

Paul was the first to dig in and he immediately gave his nod of approval which only happens when he has tried something really really REALLY good. He loved how tender the pork ribs were and that it was perfectly seasoned and fried without leaving the pork dry and tasteless. At some point he was actually considering of getting another order thinking that one is not enough for the two of us. I took a bite and I got to agree with him, I love the fact that the meat instantly pulled off the moment I bit into it. No struggling needed here. Each cut was very crisp and has just a small amount of fat which won't make you feel guilty at all.

delicious kitchen

Aside from the Double Pork Ribs Rice, we also got the Fried Spring Rolls (HKD 25) to accompany our rice meal. It was too oily for me that I had to dab the outer wrapper with tissue. The inside was filled with sliced veggies which makes the spring rolls even more crunchy. Nothing much to rave about. Will probably try something else next time.

It's amazing that despite being hidden from the main road and it really takes someone to know the exact location to be able to find Delicious Kitchen, the restaurant continues to have a steady stream of customers at any given time of the day. On my next visit I will also try their Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Won Ton  that Leslie raved about here.

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Delicious Kitchen is located at the G/F 20-20A Ashley Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Kong Kong. They also have another branch at Causeway Bay (Hong Kong side)

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