Cafe de Coral in Hong Kong

If Jollibee is to Manila and In-n-Out is to California, all around Hong Kong you'll see Cafe de Coral or what the locals refer to as CDC.

Cafe de Coral is our go to place when we want to enjoy affordable rice toppings. We love it that they change their menu from month to month adding new dishes while retaining the best-selling ones.

After killing our legs from all the walking that we did that day and nursing our tired back with the heavy shopping bags that we were lugging around, we decided to have our dinner at Cafe de Coral.

cafe de coral

This is one of Hong Kong's popular fast food where you have to choose your order from the menu board, head over to the cashier to order and pay, look for a table and wait for your food to be served at the counter where you have to carry the tray back to the table yourself.

Despite being a self-service restaurant, I'm amazed at how organized the process was and people still manage to keep the tables clean and the utensils dispenser still fully stocked.

cafe de coral

Our first choice was our staple dish. We always make sure to order the Roast Pork (Asado) and White Chicken Rice every time we go to CDC. Other than that, we also like the Roast Duck. I love how tender the roast pork was and the chicken was flavorful as always. The serving was pretty generous that at times that we're not so hungry, Paul and I would normally just order one rice topping to share.

cafe de coral

However, shopping has built up our appetite so we decided to order one more dish. I chose the Tomato Minced Beef with Egg and Rice set (HKD 30). This looked very appetizing on the menu and I know Paul will like this as he loves tomato-based dishes. On my first bite, it tasted like ground beef cooked in rich tomato sauce. It was good and reminds me of our homemade giniling. It was very filling and when we mixed the egg in, the yolk made the sauce even thicker. It's a good thing we were sharing as one dish was too filling enough for one to consume alone. This set was served with their soup of the day and drinks.

Despite being a fast food, CDC has been a long-time favorite because they continue to maintain cleanliness in their stores and they make sure to keep a high standard with their food. You'd be surprise that they actually have hotpots, dumplings and even baked rice as part of their menu line-up. Make sure to drop by Cafe de Coral on your next trip to Hong Kong.

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Click here to see the full list of Cafe de Coral branches.

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