Felicity Patisserie in Quezon City

Through the years as Paul and I have visited thousands of restaurants here and abroad, we have opened our eyes to the different themes and styles imaginable. Normally, restaurants would just have the fun, casual vibe that matches their food. It's either that or a more refined, formal setting for fine dining restaurants.

felicity patisserie

Aside from coffee shops that continue to grow in every corner of the metro, I secretly wish that there would be a little restaurant that would be inviting enough for you to stay and daydream the afternoon away. I'm talking about a restaurant with pretty interiors matched with classy trinkets decorated here and there. Perhaps they can throw in a nice reading nook where I can keep myself engrossed in my favorite chic lit novel while enjoying a piping hot plate of pasta.

This is probably the kind of restaurant I'd have someday...the kind that girls like me can stay for hours on end as they catch up with their friends or spend that much-needed me-time. It should be a family friendly place that just gives you the simple happiness that you need amidst the crazy demands of life.

Then I came across a restaurant called Felicity Patisserie.

It was through an invitation from the owners that Paul and I decided to take that 30 minutes drive from our home to Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City one non-working day. It was raining quite hard but after hearing raves from fellow bloggers Richard, Gail and Jenn, my stomach was pretty much eager to give Felicity Patisserie a try. I primarily focused on the food so just imagine my surprise the moment I stepped into this picture-pretty restaurant that day.

felicity patisserie

I immediately noticed the tall white shelf that had a wooden carving spelling out the name FELICITY. I love white and wooden decors that I even had my name carved out just like that a few years back. Beside it are two chillers where you can see the cakes they have available.

felicity patisserie

As Paul and I were led to our table, we were immediately served with a plate of Manna Crisps (Php. 50). It's a new addition to their menu and is quickly gaining popularity among their customers. One bite and I instantly can understand why. The Manna Crisps are thin flat breads that is pretty bland in flavor but add some sour cream and you'll find yourself munching on one piece after the other. Note that I was nursing a nasty sore throat that day making it harder for me to appreciate the flavor and to basically eat properly but I love the Manna Crisps so much I'm definitely going back for more.

felicity patisserie

It was a rainy day and luckily, we were served with two kinds of soup which were also newly added into their menu. The first was the LOL Squash Shoup (Php. 110) that reminded us of our favorite Squash Soup from Cibo. It was very creamy and rich, we would have liked it even more if they have added a few bacon bits to give more texture to the soup.

felicity patisserie

The second was a personal favorite of mine -- Prawn Bisque xoxo (Php. 140). The name reminds me of my fellow blogger Mrs. Martinez who loves to end her messages with xoxo (which means hugs and kisses if I remember correctly). One sip and you'll immediately taste the rich prawn flavor. It's slightly more salty compared to the Squash Soup but I just can't help but finish this one off in an instant.

It's no secret that I love pasta. I can have pasta all day long if possible however I can be one picky pasta eater too. I want my noodles al dente and the sauce just right without being too overpowering or watered down. I prefer veggies or seafood on my pasta over the meaty variants. For instance, aside from Cibo, I still haven't found a place that serves delicious pesto pasta and I'm still on my quest for that.

felicity patisserie

We had the privilege to try the Lemon Gamberi with Sun-dried Tomatoes Pasta (Php. 290) that day. One look and I had a very good feeling about this. I love shrimps and basil and this dish is quite abundant with both. I love linguine over thin spaghetti noodles too which gives another point to this dish. Tasting this dish, I noticed that the noodle had the right bite. I loved how well the shrimps, garlic and sun-dried tomato blended well together making this very delicious that I would have finished this off on my own...but of course, I just have to share this yummy pasta dish with Paul who was busy shooting away. I highly recommend this dish.

felicity patisserie

After the pasta, a lot of rice dishes were served to us beginning with the Parmesan-Crusted Garlic Shrimp (Php. 195). I was surprised that this dish falls below P200 considering their using shrimps and most restaurants would charge more for seafood. This reminds me of my mom's Camaron Rebosado only it had less breading and more garlic and cheese sprinkled on top. Since the cheese makes it more salty, it goes well with rice.

felicity patisserie

Paul loves anything with tomatoes and I guessed it right that he'll surely love the Saucy Tomato Hungarian Sausage (Php. 175). A rice meal served with a piece of huge Hungarian sausage cooked in rich tangy tomato sauce, onions and basil. Paul told me it reminds him of his childhood where his ever-talented Manang would cook Hotdog in tomato sauce for him. I like my sausage grilled and free of any sauce so this dish, I left it to Paul to enjoy and finish.

Before heading to Felicity Patisserie that day, I asked Richard what are the must-try dishes there and he told me to make sure to order the Lean Pork with Basil Cream Relish (Php. 175) as this is his favorite.

felicity patisserie

Luckily, Felicity's gracious owners Carol and Jasper really planned for us to try this dish out so I was very excited to dig in the moment it was laid down on the table. I trust Richard's taste and when he says it's good...then it must be really good. I love the thinly-sliced lean pork that I'm sure my mom would approve of. Be sure to slice it wherein you'll get two lean pork strips and the filling sandwiched in between. I love how the creamy cheese filling gave a whole new character to the meat. No wonder Richard enjoyed this dish as it's different, nothing like it elsewhere and it's yummy too!

felicity patisserie

Our last rice dish was the one that I liked the most -- Dory with Tomato-Pesto Confit (Php. 175). How can you ever resist this fork-tender cream dory topped with fragrant tomato-pesto mixture that just makes you go mmm-mmm in every bite? Truly a very light dish that's full of flavor. I will definitely back for more.

We were both feeling so full that Paul could not even take another bite but the moment that Jasper and Carol presented four cake slices, he immediately held up his fork ready to dig in. I guess we just can't say no to desserts.

The first cake was the Frozen Brazo (Php. 60) that has an airy egg white outer layer and a rich and sweet custard filling. I'm not really that fond of Brazo so I just took a small bite and turned my attention to the other three cake slices. My recommendation is to replace the calorific custard with sweet mango ice cream, maybe even this version would entice the kids to try the cake.

felicity patisserie

Next was Paul's favorite -- Choco Nirvana (Php. 110). A slice of rich gooey chocolate cake that has a fudge-y top and a brownie-like bottom. My husband, the chocolate monster, simply focused his attention to this cake which he later finished off on his own. I love the fact that Felicity obviously did not scrimp on their ingredients as you will surely enjoy the rich chocolate mixture in this cake.

felicity patisserie

I'm a carrot cake fan and having the Honey Bunny Carrot Cake was a welcome treat for me. The cream cheese frosting was not too sweet although I would have preferred for the carrot filling to be more moist.

felicity patisserie

Finally on our table was the last piece of Mango Symphony (Php. 100) wherein we were told was a personal favorite of our friend Richard. We're so lucky to get the last slice and were both excited to give this a try. It's a cross of our favorite Conti's Mango Bravo and Red Ribbon's Mango Cake where you get a generous amount of mango bits in every bite. Paul still loves the Choco Nirvana over the others while I can't decide between this one or the Carrot Cake.

Felicity literally means bliss or happiness and this was what we both felt after we enjoyed our lunch that day. I also had a great time chatting with Carol and Jasper who looks so youthful that I was so surprise that they have three kids, one entering high school pretty soon, already. I can't stop gushing at how pretty their interiors design was which I later found out were all conceptualized and done by the couple and the kids themselves. How I wish they would consider opening a branch closer to my home and this would surely be my regular weekend hangout.

Meanwhile, I wouldn't mind making that drive to Felicity Patisserie every so often.

felicity patisserie map

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*photo credit: Paul Ang

Felicity Patisserie is located at the 2nd floor Unit F Holy Spirit drive corner Don. Matias street, Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City. Call them at +63917-8531998.

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