Grocery Pick : Delimondo Corned Beef

Who doesn't love canned goods? With the wide-variety available in the market, the choices are pretty much endless! Growing up, my sister and I have had a number of  Vienna Sausages and Spam in the morning, Sardines Pasta once in a while and our ever favorite Corned Beef Macaroni every single time the craving arises.

In fact, one Christmas Day when we all had to skip our annual family dinner because my sister was sick and all four of us have to stay home, Mommy prepared a plate of Corned Beef Macaroni to cheer us up. This is a pretty special recipe because my Mom learned this from her best friend's Mom who according to Mommy was an awesome cook!

I love all types of Corned Beef from Palm to the local Purefoods. I love mixing this not only with macaroni but of course with rice! For me, it's one very versatile food item that goes well with rice, bread, pasta, crackers, egg and a lot more! Of course, it's also yummy when eaten alone.


While talking about Corned Beef one evening, I learned about a not-so-new brand in the market called Delimondo. It's produced by the same company who's running the the Petra and Pilar restaurant. I've heard about Delimondo before but I didn't know that they sell really good corned beef. Of course, I have to get real testaments from fellow bloggers Richard and Jane who have been raving about Delimondo before actually trying it out for myself.

Thanks to Irene and Richard who offered to get me cans of Delimondo Corned Beef (Php.152.50)  during one of their grocery shopping at S&R, I was so excited that I immediately opened a can two days after this was given to me. Of course, we got our piping hot white rice ready and our first choice was the Garlic and Chili. Normally, I'd go for the Original Ranch Style first but I was ready to try something spicy that evening, thus we opted to try that first.


Paul was the first to try the corned beef and he told me that it was delicious. I, of course, immediately followed and agreed with him. It was also not very spicy and in fact, it was very tasty that you'll keep on getting more not minding the mild flame on your tongue. I love how it had long floss-like strands, no visible fat and it was not mushy at all.

My entire family enjoyed the Delimondo Garlic and Chili Corned Beef even my Dad who's not very fond of canned goods and oily food. We still have the Original Ranch Style sitting on our cupboard waiting to be part of our next family dinner.

I'm happy to know that Delimondo Corned Beef is not only available at S&R but is also sold in the following areas: Petra and Pilar Restaurant (JAKA Center Bldg, Exportbank Drive cor. Chino Roces, Makati), Salcedo Village Weekend Market, Legaspi Village Sunday Market, Ayala Alabang Saturday Market, and selected Robinson's Supermarkets. *thank you Maan for the list!*


  1. yay! another delimondo corned beef lover! =D

  2. Interesting. Do you still saute it or just reheat it?

  3. Guh. Admin = Kao. Stupid blogger profile.

  4. Mmmm...sounds interesting. Would love to cook for Miggy since I don't eat meat. Will update you. :)

  5. @maan: you bet! yummy delimondo corned beef

    @chrissie: we sauteed it with onions and garlic :)

    @ria: go go go let me know!

  6. Sarap nga yan! If we're tamad, we just put some on a plate and zap it in a microwave :)

    First time I tasted that was when my mom bought from Subic. Yikes, ang mahal pala doon! Then she bought some from S&R. Glad to know that it's already available in Robinson's.


  7. Oh I love this corned beef variant. Have you tried the Delimondo Chili Oil? We add it to everything from siomai to chicken to soup.

  8. @marissa: i havent tried anything but the corned beef! im so excited actually to check out what other products they have :) thanks for the heads up!

  9. My Dad found your blog and was reading this particular entry last Sunday :) I'm so sure he's going to try this.

  10. @Patty: wowee!! this entry was also able to convince my friend's mom to try it too and they loved it! :)


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