Da Shi Fu Congee House in Tai Kwok Tsui, Hong Kong

A trip to Hong Kong is not complete without having congee for breakfast. Just to show you how good congee in Hong Kong is, it is powerful enough to pull my husband out of bed and to have breakfast with me as Paul is the type of guy who would choose to sleep and stay in bed more than to have breakfast any day.

Of course, given that we normally just have three to four days to spend in Hong Kong, we make it a point to dedicate at least one morning for congee. We also do not frequent just one congee house, instead, we take on the challenge to search for more hidden gems especially those located along residential alleys. We feel, the less commercialized the congee place is, the better congee they make.

congee in hk

During our recent visit to Hong Kong we chanced upon Da Shi Fu which located along Ivy Street, a restaurant-filled area across our hotel.

congee in hk

Outside the store is a dispenser machine for Soy Milk, Paul's favorite drink and aluminum racks with Chinese crullers otherwise known as Yeow Tiao. Inside are a few tables with a clear kitchen where we can watch the busy staff at work.

abalone congee

We entered the small eatery and were glad that the menu was in English. Hooray! I took my Kongkong's (Grandfather) advice to get Congee with Sliced Abalone and Pork (HKD 22). One bowl is big enough for the two of us to share. Initially, we were thinking that anything with abalone is expensive but we were surprised that the congee with abalone here was very reasonable. Look at how big the abalone slices were. We get to have a small piece of abalone in very scoop. Yum!

yeo tiao

Of course, no bowl of congee should go without some Yeow Tiao (HKD 5). This is the best combination and I don't think I'll ever get tired of having a stick of Yeow Tiao every so often. I love my yeow tiao with congee and am not so fond of the ones sprinkled with sugar. I prefer to leave the sugary sweet type to the Spanish with their churros and we keep the Chinese crullers savory. Once again, we just got one big Yeow Tiao which was cut up into bite size pieces to mix into our bowls of congee.

shrimp hofan in hong kong

In addition to our congee, we also got an order of Rice noodle roll with Shrimp (HKD 12). It's amazing that despite being a small eatery with very reasonable menu prices, Da Shi Fu did not scrimp on their ingredients. As soon as the rice noodle roll (cheong fan) was laid down on our table we noticed how plump the rice rolls were which was obviously filled with pork and juicy shrimps. The wrapper itself tastes quite bland which is why it is important for the soy sauce to give it the right flavor. I love it that the sauce was light and goes very well with this steamed dish.

We had a very hearty breakfast which was perfect as we had a whole day set to explore the city, shop and eat some more. This is one reason why I love Hong Kong. Any eatery or restaurant in the country serves really good food. A congee is a pretty basic dish but they can magically turn it into a delicious breakfast meal complete with a simple deep-fried yeow tiao and a cup of tea. Visiting Hong Kong never fails to tickle my taste buds as I continue to discover more and more great food finds every single time.

Now, I can't wait to go back and explore some more. ♥

Da Shi Fu is located along Ivy Street, Tai Kwok Tsui in Hong Kong.

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