Hello Buffalo at Sunrise Buckets in Madison Square, Ortigas

I love buffalo wings! It's funny that while I do not like spicy food, this is one dish that I can't pass up on when given the opportunity. I also love coating my spicy chicken wings with bleu cheese and munching on it until the bones are sparkling clean!

Through the years, I've had the privilege to try a number of buffalo wings and while some have failed to meet our expectations, others were quite fantastic that it gets me craving for more every so often.

sunrise buckets

I was able to first taste and experience Sunrise Buckets at my nephew's birthday party two years ago. I loved it that they gave us plastic gloves to use so as not to get our hands all dirty and oily while enjoying their chicken wings. Even my dear Kongkong (grandfather) enjoyed his own bucket of wings that he wouldn't even want to share with my auntie (teehee)! It was pretty good, not too spicy and the wings had just the right amount of meat too.

Fast forward to last Saturday, I woke up right before lunch and felt like having buffalo wings that day. I remembered buying two coupons from Metro Deals where I can get a total of two buckets of wings from Sunrise Buckets + four cups of Iced Tea too. Thank God for Groupon sites where I get to try new restaurants at a discounted price!

sunrise buckets

Sunrise Buckets is located just a stone's throw away from our house so we got there in less than 3 minutes. The place was quiet and sadly a lot of restaurants have closed shop already.

Here's a trivia: Madison Square was where Teriyaki Boy opened their first branch almost a decade ago. There also used to be a Carl's Jr. in this complex and a couple of Chinese restaurants too.

sunrise buckets

Entering the restaurant, you'll get a Hawaiian sunshine-y vibe with a colorful surfboard menu, black boards where customers may leave a message and wooden benches with more surfboards. I headed straight to the counter to hand over my two coupons and I'm glad that the server knew exactly what to do. Hooray for Sunrise Buckets and Metro Deals for a smooth, hassle-free transaction.

I was told that I can choose from the Wipe-Out category which consists of the following: Sunrise Original, Hickory, Teriyaki or Real American Buffalo. Sadly though, both Hickory and Teriyaki were not available that day so that leaves me with both Sunrise Original and Real American Buffalo which I decided to get one for each 1-pound bucket (Php. 295).

sunrise buckets

In the store, they also have those plastic gloves that you can just grab from the white box near the door. On the table are ceramic containers called Bone Collector for you to neatly put your chicken bones in. Talk about being OC! Way to go! :)

sunrise buckets

We were excited to take our buckets home to share with the family. Choosing between the two flavors, I preferred the Sunrise Original more because it had just the right amount of spiciness that I can still handle. I'm glad that I ordered for two saucers of bleu cheese (Php. 50) as it really added more flavor to the chicken wings.

My dad loved the Real American Buffalo and even commented that it wasn't that spicy for him. For us though, it was already a quite spicy that I can taste the Tabasco added into it. Definitely, not for the faint-hearted.

Scanning the menu, I am excited to try more flavors on my next visit such as the Honey Mustard, Garlic Parmesan, Jack Daniel's and even the Poutine Fries which I hope will not disappoint.

On the scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, I'd give Sunrise Buckets an 8. Their wings were pretty good but I feel that there's still more room for improvement to make their wings amazingly delicious that customers will crave for more.

Sunrise Buckets is located at the Ground Floor of Madison Square Ortigas, Ortigas corner Madison street, San Juan City. Call them at 477-7636 / 0917-9386192. They also cater during parties!

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