Jang Ga Nae (Minato) in Escriva Drive, Pasig

After our double date dinner with Richard and Irene which was also our first time to visit Minato Sizzling Steakhouse (now known as Jang Ga Nae) in Pasig, we have been back a couple more times to celebrate my birthday and just recently for Father's Day. The restaurant now operates under a new name and had undergone major renovation where they did away with the low tables and created 4 function rooms and more regular tables to accommodate their growing number of customers.

Through the number of times that we've dined there, we have grown fond of a few dishes that have become a staple on our dining table. Let me share them with you:

jang ga nea samgyeopsal

Pork Ribs (Php. 240) - Delicious and tender pork ribs that you grill right on your table. I love that they use charcoal giving the meat a more robust flavor. Don't know how to cook? Don't worry, their very efficient server will take care of it for you as you will just sit back, watch and relax. This comes with a basket of fresh greens and garlic. As soon as the meat is cook, get a piece dip it into the special oil that will be served to you, put it into the lettuce, add a piece of garlic and some salty bean paste. Wrap it up and enjoy!

jang ga nea mackarel

Mackerel - I first tried this when I celebrated my birthday with my in-laws and I was surprised at how tender and fresh the fish was. I loved it! It was actually the best dish for me that evening. Knowing that my mom will love this as well, I made sure to order this again during our Father's Day lunch. I was right, this was actually the first to get wiped out as everyone on the table can't stop raving about this fish.

jang ga nea galbi jim

Galbi Jim (Php. 300) - No visit to a Korean restaurant is complete without trying their Beef Stew. This comes with a bowl of white rice which believe me goes perfectly with it. Make sure to pour a good amount of sauce on to your rice and enjoy the tender pieces of beef that you'll get in the pot. The serving is pretty generous too that we just got one order for our party of 8.

jang ga nea bibimbap

Bibimbap (Php. 250) / Dolsot Bibimbap (Php. 300) - Delicious flavored rice topped with egg, beef (for the dolsot), veggies and spicy red sauce never fails to make my meal complete. I love it even more when they serve it in a hot stone pot sadly they rarely do this anymore. However, with all the delicious meat dishes available, I think I'll just save the money and stick to my bowl of white rice next time.

We also love to order the Jap Chae (Php. 280) that got my Mom's seal of approval as she loved the quality of the noodles and commented that the restaurant is pretty generous with the meat filling. My Mom-in-Law, on the other hand, loves the Jok Bal (Php. 700) a platter of steamed pork leg sliced into bite-size rounds. I personally find it too fatty that I can feel my heart constricting in every bite but it is still worth a try...just be sure to plan your workout the next day!

Lastly, one reason why we love Jang Ga Nae is their wide-array of appetizers that they never seem to run out off. Fancy a particular appetizer? No problem! The server would gladly refill that for you.

Jang Ga Nea is a neighborhood Korean restaurant that initially was just being frequented by Koreans themselves and residents nearby, little by little through word of mouth more and more people have traveled to this quiet street in Pasig to enjoy a good Korean feast. Take for example last Father's Day where the restaurant was full for dinner. Reservation is truly a must especially when you want to get the function room.

Jang Ga Nae is located at the G/F 8137 Plaza, J. Escriva Drive, Brgy. San Antonio, Ortigas, Pasig City. Call them at 633-6960.

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