Angels Pizza Pasta Combo : So Breadilicious!

It was a rainy Friday evening and my parents are on their way out to attend a party. The initial plan was for the three of us (Paul, my sister and yours truly) to either order pizza and camp out in our room while watching TV or to head out to Greenhills for dinner. We haven't finalized the plan yet since all of us have been busy that day.

Just what could probably be a sign from above, the doorbell rang and our helper who answered the door, later entered the house with boxes and containers of food. It was a delivery from the guys of Angels Pizza Pasta Combo (thank you very much!) and they sent us a huge box of pizza, three boxes of the pasta on a dough (Carbonara, Bolognese and my favorite Tuna Pesto) and three bowls that became the highlight of our late Friday night dinner.

Needless to say, we had a relaxing dinner at comforts of our home despite the rainy weather.

angels chicken rice bowl

Let me tell you more about the three bowls that were delivered to us. Peering into the clear cover, we saw a huge piece of breaded chicken in different sauces. Underneath is a generous serving of rice. It was Angels Pizza's new offering -- the So Breadilicious rice bowls.

It was a good thing there were only three of us so we each got our own pick..or at least that was the plan:

angels chicken rice bowl

Paul chose the Chicken Parmigiana since he loves anything with tomato sauce in it. After having a few spoonful of the rice meal, he commented that the chicken was pretty tender and he liked the touch of the cheese and tomato which was baked with the fried chicken. I took a small bite and indeed I liked how the tomato sauce was not too tangy, in fact it was sweet that little kids will surely enjoy as well.

angels chicken rice bowl

My choice was the Chicken Teriyaki. I shared this with my sister who shares my love for Japanese food. We noticed that the chicken fillet does not have skin already, I guess they took it out before deep frying it. We really enjoyed this one as we loved the sweet teriyaki sauce and the touch of sesame seeds on top. The serving of the rice was quite big that we were able to split the bowl among the two of us. Of course, we had this with the pizza and the pasta as well. Carbo-overload indeed!

angels chicken rice bowl

The last rice bowl was the one that I wasn't able to try because of the inclusion of corn. As you know, I can't have corn thus I let Paul and my sister try this out. This was the Chicken with Creamy Sauce which they said was good too. The cream wasn't too rich and it still highlighted the flavor of the chicken. It makes a good comfort food which was perfect to match the weather.

All So Breadilicious rice bowls comes with a cup of Iced Tea and is only for P95 each! :) Very reasonable! :)

Call Angels Pizza Pasta Combo at 922-2222 for deliveries.

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